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Multi-brand retailer prevents £1M in identity theft fraud



in customer fraud quickly identified and mitigated


Multiple identity theft traceable in minutes

A multi-brand retailer wanted to minimize fraud. They knew they were struggling with identity theft issues, but it was difficult to pinpoint. For known fraud types, a lack of real-time data prevented early detection of new cases.


Celebrus is deployed across all the retailer’s brand websites. They were already benefiting from the immense value provided by the data and the ability to build and persist identity for marketing, so why not use it to combat identity fraud as well?

The fraud analytics teams reviewed known cases of identity theft relating to new accounts. They looked for patterns in digital account opening data and used that to inform their fraud prevention strategy.

Celebrus’ first-party, cross-domain data capture provides a consistent data stream across their multiple brand websites, while individual-level data provides all the attributes needed for real-time fraud analysis.



  • Known fraud patterns flagged in real-time, before goods are released
  • £1M in customer fraud identified and mitigated
  • Cross-brand customer fraud identified and mitigated
  • Cases of multiple identity theft traceable in minutes


in customer fraud quickly identified and mitigated


Multiple identity theft traceable in minutes

£1M in fraud prevented with Celebrus!


This innovative retailer did it, and you can too!

Celebrus is the only fraud defense solution that solves for ALL fraud types by filling the gaps left by silos, black boxes, and data latency. Celebrus is the missing link in your fraud strategy, delivering the real-time identity resolution, behavioral context, and activation needed to detect and prevent fraud.

Finally solve your data, identity, and connectivity gaps with full compliance to elevate your fraud prevention strategy.

Connect with us today to experience the power of Celebrus for yourself!