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Three steps to hyper-personalization

Three steps to hyper-personalization

Can you collect the data you need from across all-your channels to deliver hyper-personalized experiences while faced with increasing regulatory, technical and resource challenges? Imagine capturing granular customer behavior data without manually tagging every touch point, delivering clear signals to decisioning systems in milliseconds, and hyper-personalizing interactions in-the-moment... 

Capturing the data you need to drive hyper-personalization is onerous, expensive and time consuming. We hear from clients that they routinely spend 90% of their time trying to capture data, and only 10% actually using it!

The data they do capture is often from just one channel, arrives too late and is too thin to be actionable in the most impactful way, providing only basic information without context. Understanding your customers requires rich, real-time data from multiple sources that can be integrated to provide a 360-degree view of every individual. But, is that even possible?

It is, and Celebrus has been delivering it for global businesses for decades. Our approach to Understanding Your Customers – outlined in our latest white paper, differs from most others on the market. It starts with creating persistent, unique identities for every customer before:

  1. Ethically acquiring broad and granular data compliantly at every touchpoint, all the time
  2. Distilling that data into insights that can be acted on in real time
  3. Sharing insights across channels, processes, departments and systems to make decisions that impact customer behavior in the moment

These are the three crucial steps to building deep understanding of customers. They not only create clear signals from amongst the digital noise but feed them to decisioning systems in milliseconds allowing true real-time actions that increase revenues, build loyalty and deepen relationships.

The challenge today's business face in developing a deep understanding of their customers is that they must capture a huge amount of data, from numerous channels whilst remaining compliant and ensuring that it is done ethically. Increasingly wide-ranging compliance legislation and recent changes implemented by browser and device manufacturers only make it harder to collect data on visitors to your digital properties.

Add to this the sheer effort needed to tag for every data point on every page and in every channel, from mobile to web, to call centers and the host of new emerging digital touch points. Even then you are not done. A deluge of digital data is of little use without the context to spot key signals amongst all the noise.

Can you identify the behaviors that are predictive and feed them to decisioning systems for a response that can make the next best offer in the moment? If not, then can you really demonstrate that you understand your customer to the only person that matters – that customer?

The demand for hyper-personalization is driving the need to integrate customer data platforms with decisioning systems and other enterprise data to deliver a single view of the customer. It has to happen now, not just in a single department, or as a proof-of-concept prototype, but across the enterprise at scale and in real time.

If you want to know the secret to doing all this, and to really understanding you customers without spending years and millions of dollars on systems integrators - read the Celebrus white paper now!