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How you can enhance operational efficiency with Celebrus

There are many fantastically innovative features within the latest release of Celebrus! Features which have been designed to ensure and expand our leadership when it comes to capturing the most granular and detailed customer data from the digital channels and browsers that other solutions struggle to collect from. And solutions that ensure that all customer or visitor interactions occurring on your digital channels can be monitored for signs of fraud, while maintaining compliance to data privacy regulations. There will be further blogs added in the coming weeks which cover these topics so please make sure you check them out.

For today’s blog however, I would like to focus on some of the features which may be less headline grabbing and less ‘sexy’, but none-the-less can make a significant difference to the bottom line of your business. The fact is, Celebrus is a mission critical application for our many enterprise banking and financial services clients. These clients rely on our solution to provide insight into how their customers are behaving on their diverse digital properties, to enable highly relevant personalization to provide early warning signals for fraud and to safeguard their customer data. And for these organizations, Celebrus is delivering significant sales uplift due to enhanced personalization, or saves them many millions of dollars each month by helping to stop fraudulent transactions. Needless to say, for these organizations ensuring that Celebrus is running optimally 24/7 is a high priority.

That is why the Celebrus team have developed a suite of features that ship within version 9.1, designed to enhance the operational effectiveness of your installation. I will briefly run through these features and the benefits they deliver to large enterprises.

Snapshot viewer

Many of our customers have benefited from the innovative operations dashboard that we launched in 2018. This interface provides an intuitive means of monitoring and enhancing the performance of your Celebrus installation and enables the rapid resolution of problems or inefficiencies. Since Celebrus is predominantly chosen by very large enterprises, particularly banks and other financial services organizations, the overwhelming majority choose to deploy Celebrus on-premise. They do this because it gives them complete control of their highly sensitive, personally identifiable customer data. However, this can lead to obstacles when these organizations require external support to optimize their configuration, because third parties are unable to directly access the operations dashboard.

To overcome this problem, Celebrus have developed the Snapshot Viewer, which has been designed to enable users to quickly and easily assemble and send all relevant data contained within their operations dashboard to the Celebrus team. The snapshot viewer compresses this information into an encrypted Zip file, which can be securely sent to our support team to enable rapid diagnosis and resolution of configuration problems and inefficiencies, helping to eliminate any Celebrus downtime.

Drill Down

Celebrus is a complex tool - as a result the operations dashboard contains a great deal of information of many different types. To help enhance the day-to-day experience of our operational users and to enable our customers to achieve efficiency savings, Celebrus has developed Drill Down - a means of intuitively and hierarchically presenting operations data. Drill Down enables users to access information relating to their Celebrus deployment and configuration across three levels of detail:

  • The top level provides a high-level operational view which summarises all information contained within the Operations Dashboard;
  • The second level provides more detailed statistics, which are aggregated across all nodes
  • The most detailed level enables users to drill down into one particular node within a cluster to access highly specific data relating to a particular area of your Celebrus deployment.

Drill Down’s highly intuitive information hierarchy enables users to identify an apparent irregularity at a high level and then quickly access the information that they need to achieve a rapid and highly accurate diagnosis of operational problems. The innovative new Drill Down feature, ensures that problems can be resolved more rapidly, providing significant efficiency savings for their organizations.

Document generator

The Celebrus solution is typically leveraged by the very largest global organizations. Our customers are often active in countries spanning the globe and have deployments of Celebrus within various continents. As our clients see the value that our solution delivers to their organization, they increase their Celebrus footprint. And as clients realise that celebrates data can deliver value to multiple areas of the business, from marketing and advertising, to compliance, fraud and risk, the need is heightened to optimize the deployment and configuration of Celebrus to accommodate these extended use cases.

The Celebrus team developed the Document Generator to resolve challenges the arise when organisations aggressively expand their Celebrus footprint. In these situations, deployment teams in disparate locations require a rapid and intuitive means of collaborating and sharing information. The Document Generator provides simple tooling to quickly generate clear and insightful documentation relating to the practicalities of Celebrus deployments. The Document Generator provides a visual snapshot of key aspects of a Celebrus configuration, such as semantic configuration, which can then be added to documentation and annotated. This documentation can be created quickly and exported in a range of formats (PDF, Html or Askiidoctor) to enable rapid and convenient communication.

If you have any questions relating to any of the features I have outlined above, or indeed any other Celebrus functionality or use case, please speak to a member of our expert sales team.