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MarTech ROI often disappoints's why

MarTech ROI often disappoints's why

Organizations suffer from insufficient data, and the wrong data in the wrong place. This leaves expensive data scientists spending time on preparing data to feed models rather than creating new predictive analytics that can deliver the hyper-personalization customers expect. Increasing proliferation of point solutions to data collecting and processing exacerbate the problem. Without a proven, comprehensive, and robust data model businesses are failing to get the right data to drive real value from investments in their marketing technology.

  • Data Orchestration is essential to drive value from marketing technology.
  • A robust, comprehensive data model is the foundation for effective data orchestration.
  • Yet, most CDPs provide rudimentary at best data models.
  • Only Celebrus offers comprehensive, robust data model, out-of-the-box that feeds the whole MarTech stack.

Garbage in – garbage out

It's the old story of 'Garbage In – Garbage Out.' Most marketing clouds don't come with comprehensive data models. At best they offer a few tables that provide rudimentary sorting of data. Most of the detailed work needed to turn streams of clicks, views and swipes into something that's usable by decisioning systems, is left to brand owners to do themselves. This is a heavy lift, and often the response is to focus on integrating data from one channel, or for one product-line, with one decisioning system. But organizations usually have multiple products, numerous channels and a host of systems handling decisioning and providing content and interaction with customers. To have a complete picture of customers, all channels should be integrated for all products. And to act in the joined up, well-informed way that customers expect, interactions need to be based on one common data set.

It's clear that the orchestration of data to feed multiple digital marketing systems and touchpoints is essential. At the heart of effective orchestration is a powerful data model that not only provides a consistent and logical framework for data but can add value by intelligently pre-processing data into features and signals consumable by the wide range of systems that rely on high quality data to make decisions. All this needs to be done in real-time.

The intelligent pre-processor

The data model at the heart of Celebrus has been built on 16 years' of understanding the behaviors of over 300 million customers in digital channels. It includes 180 data tables and thousands of attributes, most of which populate automatically as soon as Celebrus is deployed. It automatically adjusts for different governance and regulatory frameworks. Fully customizable and extendable to meet specific requirements, it nevertheless provides significant value out-of-the-box using 1st party data in a fully compliant manner. Time to value is drastically reduced in ways that other CDPs simply cannot match.

Real 'real-time'

Lots of platforms talk about real time. What they mean is that they provide information on activity in a digital channel within seconds. No context or intelligence added; just the raw data that somebody did something. The context creates the value, but with most CDPs adding the context delays 'real-time' into seconds, minutes, and even hours before useful information can be delivered.

With Celebrus real-time means instantly processing a signal through our data model to provide true customer understanding. It delivers a complete, informed understanding that can feed decisions on the next-best-action or any other real-time analytics processes needed. Celebrus does this in about 40 milliseconds. So when you need detailed customer insight in time to change the webpage a visitor is viewing as they look at it, Celebrus is your only option.

Manually building bespoke integrations that connect siloed and fragmented data is inflexible, time consuming, and expensive. End-to-end systems are narrow in application, risk lock-in and make it hard to re-use your data. Data-orchestration that is built around a common data model and provides robust, proven context for predictive analytics is required to maximize the return on investment in marketing technology.

Find out more about data orchestration and the Celebrus data model in our white paper: Read the whitepaper

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