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Are you struggling to deliver hyper-personalized customer moments?


Timely, compliant and high-quality data is what's required to deliver moments-based experiences

Everyone seems to be talking about moments-based marketing right now. And with good reason. Many organisations were faced with a harsh reality when the pandemic hit. They discovered the shortcomings of their digital transformation programs which didn't allow them to interact meaningfully with their customers! But when all's said and done, so many organizations are failing to back up these ambitious buzz words with tangible results. They are struggling to make their transformation plans stick. That's why we are hosted a live webinar Here's why you are struggling to deliver hyper-personalized customer moments with renowned B2C Marketing analyst Joe Stanhope, from Forrester.

Joe outlined his views and insights on why so many ambitious organizations fail to make good on their transformation plans.

While most organizations are attempting digital transformations, the majority don't understand what is required to be truly successful. A common approach is to deploy a new piece of technology which promises to 'unify data', or 'provide customer visibility', with the overall effect of 'enhancing the customer experience'. These are claims which almost every vendor in the MarTech space is making, yet genuine digital transformations remain scarce. Why is this happening? More often than not it's because the organization has neglected to understand what it takes to enable data to flow throughout their technology stack in order to enable all of the use cases and transformation outcomes which they strive for.

When organizations simply pin their hopes on the newest piece of technology to bring about transformation, rather than truly considering how they first capture then make data flow throughout their infrastructure, the outcome tends to be the creation of yet more silos, leading to an increasingly fractured and frustrating customer experience. They end up replacing one problem with another….and spending a lot of money into the bargain!

However, through the adoption of a more holistic approach to transformation, which pre-empts, identifies and resolves roadblocks in the flow of customer data, companies will be able to connect the right data, at the right time to the right system. Timely, compliant and high-quality data is what's required to deliver moments-based experiences. These next level interactive events are what take place when data is activated within systems of insight and engagement. But this activation requires an organization to be able to:

  • capture and assimilate data
  • enrich this customer data to provide context to a customer's interactions
  • identify the customer regardless of whether the customer is logged in or not
  • determine whether the customer has provided consent or not
  • automatically restrict the flow of data for customers who declined consent to market
  • structure this data in a rigorous and highly compatible format
  • connect this data to downstream applications for immediate activation

to qualify this last point, by downstream applications we are referring to a range of solutions which may be in your stack, from marketing clouds, to analytics solutions to real-time decisioning and personalization applications. And by immediate activation we mean that these data connections need to be instantaneous – in order to achieve real-time use cases, <200 millisecond data latencies are required.

All of this and more was discussed in the webinar, through which we hope delegates obtained a genuine understanding of digital transformation best practices – not from us, but from the unbiased perspective of one of Forrester and the industry's leading experts.

You can watch a recording of the Live Webinar: Webinar Replay

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