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Digital fraud is skyrocketing. And it's costing you.

Find out how contextual decisioning can help you move from detection to prevention, and outsmart tech-savvy fraudsters.

Digital fraud is increasing, losses are escalating, and regulators are increasing pressure on banks to act. Detection and prevention have become a top priority for financial services. But current fraud solutions are inadequate and lack sophistication to activate all the data needed to detect and prevent fraud. To stay ahead of tech-savvy fraudsters, financial services need more data in context.

Contextual decisioning enables banks to understand bad actors and intervene in their journeys with preventative action in real-time, preventing losses and ensuring excellent customer experiences.

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Key takeaways

  • $206B in online fraud losses predicted for 2021-2025
  • Most fraud solutions are reactive, not preventative, costing Billions in losses
  • 5 key capabilities for real-time fraud prevention
  • How to make the switch from fraud detection to fraud prevention