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Discover why so many organizations struggle to deliver personalized customer moments

Brands everywhere recognize the importance of delivering memorable, personalized experiences across every digital channel - yet it’s an aspiration that eludes so many. You can find out why this remains such a challenge by watching our recorded webcast featuring guest speaker Joe Stanhope, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester.

Webinar Replay

Joe Stanhope,

Joe Stanhope - VP & Principal Analyst, Forrester

Joe outlines risks and pitfalls, and offers his expert view on the steps you can take to transform every interaction into a memorable and profitable customer moment.

Conversation topics:

  • What is moments-based marketing?
  • Why do organizations strive to deliver customer moments and rarely succeed?
  • Some practical ideas for a new approach


Bill Bruno - CEO, D4t4 Solutions

Bill shares his customer insights into some of the thorniest challenges enterprises are facing in delivering genuine moments-based marketing.


Conversation topics:

  • The business imperative for genuine real-time data
  • Managing 'identity' in an omnichannel environment
  • Your action plan for a 'cookieless' world