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Privacy meets personalization:

The ultimate guide to privacy-first marketing

Despite widespread uncertainty, the introduction of browser restrictions, third-party cookie deprecation, and opt-in consent doesn't mean the end of personalization. It's simply the beginning of a new era. Forward-thinking marketers understand it’s time to embrace a privacy-first mindset that puts the best interests of the customer at the heart of everything they do. 

Personalization is still a huge part of customer conversion and retention, with 39% of consumers saying they’ll stop doing business with a company that doesn’t offer a specific, personalized experience. The challenge for modern marketers is their current personalization solutions hit a brick wall when the visitor is opted out or cookies are blocked.

This guide explores the concept of privacy-first marketing, unpacks the implications of browser restrictions, cookie deprecation, and opt-outs on personalization, and introduces a new solution to succeed in the ongoing battle between privacy and personalization.

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Key takeaways

  • Intro to privacy-first marketing
  • The refinement of personalization
  • The impact of third-party cookie deprecation, opt-outs, and browser restrictions on personalization
  • The opt-out conundrum
  • How to optimize personalization and still respect consent
  • What is no-party data and how does it solve the opt-out challenge?