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Celebrus is going to CX Healthcare West!

CX Healthcare West

Delivering seamless online patient and member experiences is more difficult and more important than ever. Digital data is difficult to use, incomplete, and restricted by HIPAA— we get it. This is why you should meet with Celebrus. We’re proven in the healthcare space to help you build, understand, and improve your digital front door. We capture digital interactions from all your digital properties to help you build better journeys and give you the ability to better understand your patients and members. We don’t require a massive technical implementation, and the data we capture for you never leaves your four walls. Beloved by the business and respected by your technology and compliance teams, we’re with you every step of the way. We look forward to meeting you. 

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Struggling to capture marketing data thanks to the new HIPAA legislation? We can help!

Capture, unify, and activate data from multiple sources with Celebrus - the only HIPAA-compliant patient data solution that prioritizes privacy. Personalize your patient experiences with first-party data.


Take a break, reserve a meeting and get a free Apple AirTag!

Come talk data strategy with us! Just give us 20 minutes of your time and we'll buy you a drink
and give you an Apple AirTag*, just for meeting with us!


*Apple AirTag is a registered trademark of Apple. Qualified participants and conversations only. Meeting must take place during December 6-7,2023  during the CX Healthcare Exchange. While supplies last.