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Customer Success

Global multi-line insurer realizes 5x uplift in sales conversions for abandoned quotes



increase in conversion rate using Celebrus data to drive outreach
increase in response rate for real-time calls to abandoned quotes vs. calls placed next day


conversion rate on calls made within 5 minutes of abandoned quote

This global multi-line insurer overcame quote abandonment through the initiation of a real-time call center strategy to leverage the live-time capture and connection of Celebrus data to engage abandons and overcome objections, ultimately driving policy conversions by 17x overall.

A lack of real-time data prevented this insurer from reaching their full potential in converting abandoned quotes. Using Celebrus data, the team deployed a dialer with live agents placing follow-up calls to customers who had abandoned an online quote, resulting in a 2.5x increase in conversions. But, the dialer had restrictions that limited them calling until the day after the quote was abandoned, which was too late 90% of the time. 


Using Celebrus live-time data, the team adjusted their dialer to enable live agents to place follow-up phone calls within 5 minutes of an abandoned quote. These agents were able to handle live objections, provide alternative quoting and upsells, and refer to underwriters for quote matching - all in the initial conversation with the customer after the abandoned quote.

Catching customers while they were on a competitor's site, or if they hadn't yet gotten another quote, enabled the insurer to speak to the customer while they were in buying mode, drastically improving conversion rates and sales.


  • 10% conversion rate using Celebrus data to identify abandoned quotes and call customers to follow-up
  • 30% conversion rate by improving call follow-up to within 2 hours of abandoned quote
  • 2x additional conversion increase by accelerating call follow-up time to 5 minutes after abandoned quote, using Celebrus live-time data and data model

250% increase in conversions leveraging Celebrus data


This global insurer did it, and you can too!

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