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How to protect your account holders from scammers

Scam losses are increasing at a frantic pace as fraudsters ramp up their tactics to dupe banking customers into transferring funds to fraudster-controlled accounts.

Organizations who proactively work to protect account holders from scammers differentiate themselves in the market and build long-term loyalty. Financial institutions need stronger methods to prevent scams and better protect their customers, but how can a bank identify and prevent a scam when the victim has failed to do so?

This guide takes a deep dive into the world of scammers and provides a recipe for success in identifying and preventing scam attacks on your account holders - including the “secret ingredient.” 

Download the whitepaper for a deeper look into the four most common types of scams, and how modern fraud solutions can enable financial institutions to prevent them in real-time and protect their account holders.

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Key takeaways

  • Scam losses are increasing and enterprises who protect customers will quickly differentiate themselves
  • Leveraging data to identify scammers by their unique behaviors helps prevent scams in real-time
  • Preventing scams builds deep customer loyalty and reduces fraud management costs
  • Frictionless authentication improves the customer experience while providing protection from scammers