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Personalized banking: A guide to delivering moments-based customer experiences

Open Banking is paving the way for a myriad of disruptors with more agile business models and lifestyle targeted services. Today, fintechs, digital banks, and even big tech players are eroding markets, diverting revenue streams, accelerating churn, and overpowering loyalty.

The urgent issue for banks is how to retain and grow your customer base when technology developments and customer preferences for online channels have made relationships between you and your customers less intimate. 

This guide shares proven ways for you to improve personalized experiences. By harnessing the latest data technology to create ‘moments-based marketing’ you can excel at customer acquisition, conversion and loyalty. 

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Key takeaways

  • Why customer experience is the key to competitive advantage
  • The importance of personalized experiences to retention and loyalty
  • How real-time data enables moments-based marketing
  • How to harness the latest data technology to deliver real-time, targeted content