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Maximizing Digital Relationships in Automotive:

Personalizing the Customer Ownership Lifecycle

June 16, 2022
9am EST / 2pm UK

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Owning a vehicle is more than a means to get from Point A to Point B – it’s an experience. With increased demand and steep competition, automotive manufacturers need to create significant opportunities to connect with vehicle owners.

It’s time to amplify the vehicle purchase and ownership experience by shaping meaningful interactions throughout the ownership lifecycle – research, purchase, possession and repurchase – based on key identity insight and data across device and channel, including in-vehicle systems.

Join Celebrus and partner, Teradata as they present Maximizing Digital Relationships in Automotive: Personalizing the Customer Ownership Lifecycle on Thursday, June 16, 2022 at 9am EST/2pm UK.

Here’s what you’ll learn in this webinar:

  • How to build and maintain digital identity within and across ownership lifecycles without reliance on third-party cookies, utilizing digital channels and in-vehicle touch points.
  • Why capturing granular-level digital interactions in the vehicle and online is essential to influencing the buying cycle and innovating aftermarket revenue streams.
  • The application of a range of high-revenue use cases based on real-time, highly personalized communications and content and how they can easily be replicated within the automotive industry.

Celebrus and Teradata have innovated the understanding of individual customer journeys across advanced digital industries, helping identify growth opportunities across customer acquisition, growth and retention.

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About Celebrus

Celebrus captures and connects the data that powers customer analytics and activates cross-channel experiences.

Deployed in over 27 countries, Celebrus is built to adhere to evolving, complex compliance standards that reduce costs and fuel identity-based personalized experiences. Never having to hear “we didn’t tag for it,” gives data and marketing professionals the ability to provide a relevant customer experience and enhance corporate reputation.

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About Teradata

Teradata is the cloud data analytics platform company, built for a hybrid multi-cloud reality, solving the world’s most complex data challenges at scale.

For over a decade Teradata has been trusted to manage vehicle data by many global OEMs with an initial focus on supporting quality and warranty processes.  As vehicles continue to produce additional data touch points, Teradata Vantage has shown its ability to scale, by managing more data and expanding use cases to understand and predict customer behavior based on vehicle experience.