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Leverage better data in Salesforce. Become an early adopter.

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The power to activate data like never before is here.

Timing is everything – and if you’re waiting for customer data to land in your systems, you’re already behind. In a matter of minutes, even seconds, your next sale could vanish. All because your system was too slow to ingest the data needed to personalize the customer experience.

When you deploy Celebrus CDI for Salesforce alongside your marketing cloud instance, you connect true live-time identity data (milliseconds) directly into your campaigns.

Oh – and did we mention there’s no tagging? You get all the data – not just the data IT or your data team tagged for.

See Celebrus CDI for Salesforce in action. Request a demo

Realize the full value of Salesforce Marketing Cloud


Beat the competition with live-time data from Day 1

Is your marketing strategy proactive or reactive? The truth is, if you’re grappling with data gaps, your strategy is anything but proactive.  


Celebrus CDI for Salesforce eliminates the digital identity gaps in Salesforce Marketing Cloud that are holding you back. Start collecting the data you need from DAY 1.  


We’re offering a special incentive to early adopters of Celebrus CDI for Salesforce – and that means YOU! There's no better time than now to make better decisions with better data. 


Don’t struggle trying to make it work – say “yes” now and realize the true potential of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud instance. 

Leverage 200+ industry-specific out-of-the-box signals

Built with your industry in mind, the Celebrus CDI for Salesforce automated marketing signals deploy and begin capturing data the day you connect Celebrus to Salesforce Marketing Cloud. From healthcare to financial services, hospitality and travel, insurance, telecommunications and retail, the insight you need to make your marketing more effective is less than milliseconds away.

Advanced data activation

Land live-time data into your marketing cloud instance and get real-time results.

Expand your marketing capabilities with complete digital identity data. The power to segment audiences to extend relevant offers and increase conversions is in your hands.

Comprehensive data

Increase the value of your marketing with true data-driven insight.

Feed contextualized, first-party data to your Salesforce Marketing Cloud instance in real-time, so you can make actionable data your most valuable asset.

Digital identity, solved

Experience true identity resolution regardless if users are known or unknown. 

Build - and action comprehensive interaction profile tables with accurate, reliable first-party insight.  

Realize the true potential of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud instance with live-time, comprehensive identity insight built for purpose.