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Automated Marketing Signals achieve real-time 1-to-1 personalization

The reality of the current Covid-19 pandemic has seen businesses around the world pivot to embrace a virtual workforce and a remote go-to-market sales outreach. Celebrus is no different.

  • The new Machine Learning capabilities and Natural Language Processing features have never been seen before in any other data capture or MarTech solution
  • We have pre-configured 50+ Automated Marketing Signals which cover the customer behaviors which can automatically detect signals of intent, opportunity or threat
  • FastText has been embedded to enable the instantaneous capture and analysis of text

Our team of global developers have been working tirelessly on their vision to bring to market our most substantial and ground-breaking release in the history of the Celebrus product - embedding Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) into the solution.

Version 9.2 now ships with 50+ preconfigured Automated Marketing Signals (AMS) out-of-the-box giving clients an unmatched opportunity to provide rich, relevant and highly personalized 1-to-1 experiences to all their customers in the moment.

The new ML capabilities and NLP features have never been seen before in any other data capture or MarTech solution. They deliver material value and unlock new incremental revenues for marketing leaders and their teams.

Operationalize machine learning to achieve in-the-moment 1-to-1 personalization with Automated Marketing Signals

Celebrus clients have always remarked on the lightning speed (think milliseconds, blink of an eye!), the granularity of the data we capture for them, and the seamless way we feed this into their decisioning and analytics tools.

It powers phenomenal customer experiences which drive incremental revenues to their bottom line. They often refer to this as 'moments-based marketing'.

Our latest release, Celebrus Version 9.2 focuses on taking this data to the next level. We are the first vendor to have embedded ML capabilities which can automatically detect signals of intent, opportunity or threat within customer behavior.

We have pre-configured 50+ AMS which cover the customer behaviors most commonly leveraged by the Celebrus installed base. These behaviors include:

  • interest in a product;
  • subscribing to an alert;
  • detecting life events e.g. going to college, buying a new home, getting married... to name but a few and a range of other interaction types.

To the uninitiated, the fact that Celebrus v9.2 ships with these out-of-the-box marketing signals may sound like a nice to have feature, but in reality this functionality will save months, if not years of development and configuration work and millions in internal resource or professional services overhead for our enterprise clients. Indeed, an organization we are talking to has spent years trying to achieve this functionality with an alternative MarTech solution, at huge expense and without notable success.

AMS are also fully customizable, meaning that if one of our out-of-the-box signals doesn't quite fit for your use case, it can quickly be adapted without the need to go back to the drawing board.

Instantly understand user sentiment with Natural Language Processing

Next up and worthy of note is the new NLP capability. Why is this valuable? Celebrus enables users to leverage this capability to gain insights into the meanings within text entered into any digital channel (e.g. online chat), enabling them to take instant action.

FastText, the world's most comprehensive text classification library, has been embedded within Celebrus to enable the instantaneous capture and analysis of text, to achieve a wide range of use cases. This out-of-the-box functionality dramatically accelerates the delivery of text analytics use cases in which models can be rapidly deployed in a range of environments and trained on FastText data to deliver highly accurate, in-the-moment semantic evaluations.

Celebrus not only provides unprecedented capabilities to capture unstructured text from a range of sources (e.g. form fields, chatbots and complaint communications), from which no other data capture solution can collect data, but we can now enable clients to derive additional value from their data within the Celebrus solution. This in turn enables downstream decisioning applications to deliver enhanced next-best-actions.

Principle use cases include:

  • The early identification of a churning customer through the instantaneous analysis of chatbot text entries
  • the ability to decipher the nature of a complaint submitted online
  • and to enhance business process management by routing each complaint directly to the most appropriate department, removing steps from complex processes and vastly improving the customer experience.

Personalize page content instantly

Our new Automated Marketing Signals and NLP capabilities work hand-in-hand with enhancements we have made to the way Celebrus connects content to web browsers and mobile apps. In addition to the ML capabilities embedded within version 9.2, we have developed enhancements that increase the effectiveness of the AI and ML technologies within our partner solutions which Celebrus connects to downstream (in particular the best-of-breed enterprise decisioning and RTIM systems offered by Teradata and Pegasystems).

The Instant Personalization feature within version 9.2 enables a higher level of seamless, in-the-moment personalization. Celebrus version 9.2 features HTTP/2.0 connectors enables decisioning applications to transmit a constant stream of individually tailored content within milliseconds to browsers via Celebrus, as Server-Sent-Events. This innovation enhances our clients' ability to achieve genuine 1-to-1 real time personalization in which page content is instantly personalized to an individual's profile, which includes the signals derived from their current session and insights gained from text inputted on any channel or device

Automated behavior and experience detection

Version 9.2 includes automated features which capture and provide insight to a range of user interactions and experiences online or on mobile apps. A feature we are calling Anomaly Detection provides automated insight into aggregated user behaviors across the entirety of channels within a client's digital estate.

Anomaly Detection exploits the fact that Celebrus captures all customer interactions that occur on any device to provide measurements of channel performance across all digital properties. Celebrus can be easily configured to alert clients to any anomalous values being returned, enabling the instantaneous detection and rapid resolution of performance problems which would otherwise take weeks or even months to identify.

Additionally, Celebrus 9.2 features Visibility Detection – a powerful and highly automated feature in which we detect whether or not an element of page content (on whatever channel, and regardless of whether it has been surfaced via our Instant Personalization capability or through a third party CMS) has been seen by the user.

Due to our unique capture everything methodology, Celebrus has long-standing visibility capture capabilities. What's new in version 9.2 is the ability to automatically detect visibility without the need for configuration, enhancing time-to-value for our clients and enabling them to assemble even more complete customer data and to provide enhanced feedback to decisioning applications.

There are simply too many great features in Celebrus v9.2 to dedicate to just one blog so today I am going to be focusing exclusively on our new AI and ML capabilities. Be sure to check out our next blog for coverage of the new data enrichment and connectivity features within Celebrus v9.2.