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Success story: Insurer combats competitor espionage using Celebrus to detect and block bot fraud in real time.



quotes identified as originating from competitor server


of bot-driven quotes running in a single day

A European insurer was already leveraging Celebrus to capture and activate marketing data. Impressed with the detailed level of individual data, they wanted to use the same concept of using data insights to keep up with, and stay ahead of, evolving fraud. 


The insurer deployed Celebrus to capture individual-level quote data​, including IP address, browser, and form inputs – i.e., quote data. The analysis of Celebrus data highlighted spikes where thousands of extra quotes were run at specific times​.

Undertaking a detailed analysis to understand these, the insurer found a single IP address generating thousands of quotes in a single day​. They identified the IP address as belonging to a competitor who'd set up a bot to obtain pricing via online quotes.

Leveraging Celebrus to configure rules, the insurer was able to counter the activity in real time, blocking the server to prevent pricing data from being lost.


Celebrus rules also enable the insurer to provide false information and confuse the competitor, further protecting their proprietary data.



Celebrus data enabled the insurer to identify over five thousand quotes that were actually driven by a competitor's bot.

The insurer was able to actively prevent this competitor's bot fraud attempts, and implement other counter technologies to protect their brand, and their bottom line.


of bot-driven quote sessions


quotes identified as a competitor


This global insurer did it, and you can too!

Celebrus is the missing link in your fraud strategy, delivering the real-time identity resolution, behavioral context, and activation needed to detect and prevent ALL fraud types - even bot fraud!

Finally solve your data, identity, and connectivity gaps with full compliance to elevate your fraud prevention strategy.

Connect with us today to experience the power of Celebrus for yourself!