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Group of people with tablets in front of faces identity resolution

CDP Institute: Modern Identity Resolution

Identity resolution has never been easy, but the challenges have changed over time. Before the Internet, most marketers had very little data about individual customers. Digital technology has turned the data drought into a flood, but required new tools to
stitch together cookies, device IDs, account numbers, and other identifiers into unified profiles. Today, the ground is shifting yet again as new privacy regulations, changes in advertising, and new policies from browser vendors restrict which data is available and how it can be used.

In this whitepaper, authored by David Raab of the CDP Institute, we investigate why now is a good time for marketers to take a fresh look at their approach to customer identity.

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Key takeaways

  • Data comes first: identity results are only as good as the data they’re built from
  • Third-party cookie blocking, mobile ID blocking, and privacy regulations mean first-party data is critical to modern identity resolution
  • Look for a modern, real-time data management solution with multiple identity definitions and flexible data capture to enable continuity in times of disruption and transition
  • The challenge of modern identity resolution is an opportunity to build an innovative, future-proof system that provides superior customer experiences