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Visibility detection: Conquering the last mile in real-time personalization

Many organizations don’t even realize how few of their personalized offers or experiential changes ever make it to the consumer due to poor coding, data time outs, and other common challenges. Even if the content was delivered, there’s no real reporting on the visibility of those changes - i.e. did anyone actually see it?

Standard marketing solutions consider an ad as “viewed” when the ad is delivered – whether it was actually shown to the visitor or not. This flawed  approach can skew performance reporting, A/B testing, and marketing attribution models, not to mention machine learning . Accurate data is critical for effective decisioning and the resulting predictive models used for marketing personalization. 

This guide explores the impact of visibility in terms of total marketing ROI and delivering effective real-time personalization.

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What's inside

  1. What exactly is "visibility"
  2. Why is visibility detection so important
  3. How visibility detection improves machine learning prevents bias