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Celebrus is going to CMO Assembly!

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CMO Alliance August 2024

Celebrus helps CMOs around the world to...

  • Deliver seamless online customer experiences
  • Capture digital interactions across your digital properties
  • Build complete digital profiles  
  • Know who your members are event when they aren’t logged in
  • Solve your existing digital gaps and data issues
  • Leverage a first-party data collection platform that you own
  • Stop worrying about cookie deprecation and third party cookies

Meet with Jim Burchell, Senior AE at Celebrus

Jim Burchell has more than 20 years of enterprise sales experience in various areas including web analytics, marketing automation, data management and attribution.  As a Senior Account Executive at Celebrus, Jim’s primary focus is on the retail vertical including telecommunications and auto manufacturers.  Jim is 100% committed to helping his clients solve their 1st party data and identity challenges.

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