Insurance compliance dos and donts

Being "on the radar" is great. Being on the FTC's, not so much!

Insurers and tax preparers beware: The FTC is judging how you handle consumer data! Are you privacy compliant?

This tip sheet covers the do’s and don’ts of privacy regulations so your business can get — and stay — in the clear with the FTC.


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Ready to get compliant with the FTC? In this tipsheet you'll learn:

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What you need to focus on

And what the heck affirmative express consent really means

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What this means for third-party tracking

Hint: It's not a pretty picture

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How to avoid penalty pitfalls

Proactive approaches to stay ahead of FTC guidelines

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4 must-avoid practices

Simply adhere and you’re in the clear

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The world of consumer privacy is complex. But with the right tools, insurers and tax preparers can navigate it with ease.


The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is cracking down on insurers and tax preparation companies that don’t protect consumer data and honor privacy concerns.

What’s the outlook for non-compliant businesses? Hefty fines, civil penalties, and costly pitfalls.

Keeping up with the FTC’s rules and regulations while maintaining consumer privacy expectations sounds complex, but it doesn’t have to be.

This tipsheet simplifies what insurers and tax preparers must focus on to stay compliant with privacy regulations.

Stay off the FTC’s radar and respect consumer privacy. Protect your business and build consumer trust at the same time.


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