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D4T4 Solutions launches powerful Cloud connectivity features to dramatically reduce enterprise storage costs

Release of Celebrus Version 9.3

D4t4 Solutions Plc (AIM: D4t4, “the Group" or "D4t4"), the AIM-listed data solutions provider, has launched Celebrus CDP version 9.3 which will provide significant opportunities for enterprises to substantially reduce their storage costs. Celebrus CDP is the preferred Customer Data Platform of many leading global businesses in the banking, insurance, retail, automotive and telco industries all of whom are witnessing an exponential rise in data volumes as large swathes of their customers engage and transact with them through digital channels.

The newly launched Cloud connectivity capabilities in Celebrus CDP v9.3 provide major benefits to our customers. This is because of a rising enterprise demand for cost-effective and scalable Cloud storage solutions that are fully compliant and provide an instantly accessible view of all customer interactions for rapid analytics.

Teradata Vantage Native Object Store (NOS) connectors

D4t4 have developed new connectors which will benefit Teradata enterprise clients who have been attracted to Cloud Object Storage solutions such as Native Object Store (NOS). NOS allows users to leverage the analytical power of Teradata Vantage against data in object stores such as Amazon’s S3 or Microsoft Azure Blob Storage driving down overall costs while delivering maximum scalability.

Celebrus NOS Data Loaders connect Celebrus data in Parquet format to ensure optimum performance and consistency. The Celebrus Data Loaders for Teradata Vantage (NOS) provides a seamless experience for Analysts and Data Scientists, enabling them to perform analytics directly from Teradata Vantage, while benefitting from a seamless workflow, a familiar environment and access to Teradata’s powerful tooling.

The Teradata Vantage NOS connectors in Celebrus CDP v9.3 offer the enterprise increased flexibility and financial advantages, enabling them to easily store more Celebrus data within lower cost Cloud domains, decrease complexity and critically enable broader data sharing and usage across their businesses.

Cloud Native Data Warehouses

In response to another growing trend among enterprises to migrate a greater proportion of their data and services to cloud environments, D4t4 has developed a range of Celebrus connectors to the following cloud native data warehouses:

  • Amazon Aurora
  • Amazon Redshift
  • Microsoft Azure Synapse
  • Snowflake

Since database management systems such as MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL and SQL Server can be run in Cloud environments (e.g. Microsoft Azure, Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform). These new Aurora, Redshift, Azure Synapse and Snowflake connectors help facilitate enterprises continued migration of data to the cloud.

Enhanced Security & Privacy Features

In addition to these business-focused features, D4t4 continues to put security and privacy front and centre of their Celebrus CDP product. As a result, and in collaboration with their major global clients, Celebrus CDP v9.3 also comes with the latest in security and privacy enhancements, in line with industry best practices and world-wide privacy legislation.