Orchestrate relevant and timely one-to-one communications via customers’ preferred channels to enhance experiences and build brand trust.

Some of the challenges clients resolve with the Celebrus CDP:

  • Turning multiple customer data sources into orchestrated omnichannel communications is hard 
  • The data isn’t available in real-time to power personalisation at the speed consumers expect 
  • Competitors are moving ahead using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning
  • The "rip and replace" strategy recommended by some vendors is not up for consideration
  • Lack of context about why a customer behaved in a certain way is impeding personalisation 
  • Privacy and security concerns exist about 3rd party data technologies

What can Celebrus help you achieve?

  • Increase brand trust and loyalty through engaging customers via their preferred channels e.g. popping up a chat box instead of sending an email to some individuals
  • Shape demand to increase customer lifetime profitability e.g. combine customer flight purchase history with live operational data to shape upgrades offered based on capacity and preference
  • Enhance customer service e.g. predict when a customer is likely to run out of a product regularly purchased and proactively prompt them to consider re-ordering
  • Orchestrate and enhance omnichannel experiences by building and activating customer real-time profiles e.g. avoid sending offer via one channel for a product just purchased via another
  • Grow sales through preparing optimised next best action messages for specific customers calling a contact centre for particular reasons e.g. problems completing an online form.

Solution partners 

Celebrus Technologies has been designed to make it easy to feed its detailed customer data into incumbent personalisation, decisioning and campaign automation technologies in real-time, ensuring brands can continue to use the tools they have already invested money, time and effort into.  Celebrus is very flexible in terms of which technologies it can feed and has fed decisioning systems from Teradata, SAS, Pega and more, with particularly close integrations with Teradata and SAS.

Celebrus also works with the major marketing clouds such as Adobe and Salesforce and can support personalised advertising and real-time bidding through integration with advertising technologies such as Facebook.

Celebrus provides detailed context to a customer journey, uncovering far more about the customer and the route to conversion.

Robert van der Velden, Marketing Web Analyst, Centraal Beheer Achmea

Celebrus has helped us to improve the customer experience by enabling more targeted marketing campaigns and greater levels of personalisation. And all while maintaining the speed of our sites.

Matthew Doubleday, Head of Data Science, Shop Direct

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