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According to Forrester the golden age of Web Analytics is over.  Those tools and techniques did a great job at the time by helping organisations build better websites, however they don’t give brands the insight required to meet the demands of the modern consumer.  Welcome to the era of Digital Intelligence.  In this new age of proliferating channels and devices, organisations need digital Intelligence solutions to gather the data to understand individuals’ interactions across all touch points, as well as the technologies and analytical skills to turn that data into insight and actions that drive business results.

How can Celebrus’ Digital Intelligence Solutions help?

The advanced customer insight offered by digital intelligence solutions enables organisations to:-

  • Create a complete single customer view across channels, devices and time.
  • Develop deep customer insight to power profiling, segmentation and targeting.
  • Map customer journeys in detail and identify black spots hidden by aggregated data.
  • Understand how channels and devices intertwine across customer touchpoints.
  • Identify individuals' channel, technology and timing preferences.
  • Uncover latent demand revealed through browsing, search and basket behaviours.
  • Continue delivery of "web analytics" style dashboards and data visualisations.

Why choose Celebrus

Celebrus has been built with the foundations of digital intelligence in mind:

  • The data is individual-level, not aggregated or trends-based, for deep customer insight.
  • Data is captured from across websites, apps, mobile apps, social and streaming media for a complete digital picture.
  • Data delivery is real-time or near real-time so you have it without delay.
  • Tagging-free deployment captures all the data to ensure no important insight is over-looked.
  • The data has business context added, drastically reducing post-processing time and effort.
  • The Celebrus Data Visualisation Layer makes the creation of visualisations and dashboards easy. 

In this changing marketplace, any company not willing to use online customer data WILL get left behind.

Gareth Powell, Head of Web Analytics, J D Williams & Co Ltd

Celebrus provides detailed context to a customer journey, uncovering far more about the customer and the route to conversion.

Robert van der Velden, Marketing Web Analyst, Centraal Beheer Achmea

Improving customer engagement at the leading fashion retailer J D Williams & Co Ltd

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