Digital Big Data Solutions

Due to its highly granular and real-time nature, the Celebrus digital big data solution is used by organisations across a variety of industries as a critical customer data foundation. The completeness of the data also makes is invaluable for an increasing array of purposes as organisations develop ever-more innovative ways to use it. The insight and actions delivered as a result enhance the customer experience, increase customer engagement and maximise business efficiencies.

What Solutions does Celebrus power?

Celebrus Digital Big Data Solutions are used in numerous pioneering ways, most of which fall into three main solution types:-

Digital Intelligence
  • To drive micro segmentation, profiling and targeting
  • To develop a multi-channel Single Customer View
  • To understand customer journeys and lifecycles
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Big Data Analytics
  • To power predictive, affinity and attribution modelling
  • To optimise pricing, merchandising and procurement strategies
  • To identify potentially fraudulent behaviour
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Contextual Marketing
  • To deliver real-time website individualisation
  • To power 1:1 personalisation online and offline
  • To optimise next best offer management
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Today's "Always On" Consumer

Today’s consumer has very different expectations from pre-Internet days. Today they want an instant response to their requests and will go elsewhere if they have to wait. They want to be understood as an individual regardless of the number of channels and devices they use to communicate with a brand. Their attention span is short so they want information that is directly relevant to them and are not willing to hunt around for it. To meet the demands of these consumers, organisations need the right data, technologies, skills and mind-sets to react with the speed and agility that they expect.

Why is Celebrus your best option?

Celebrus data has the characteristics brands need to meet the demands of today’s “Always On” consumer.

Real-time to meet the need for immediate responsiveness with no latencies.
Granular to enable its binding with other data to create a complete single customer view.
Complete to provide all the data required to understand each customer in depth and over time.
Current and historic – building profiles over time of both known and unknown customers.
Multi-channel to understand individual customers across digital channels and devices.
Captured asynchronously to prevent website performance issues that harm the customer experience.
Proven in some of the most demanding digital environments in the world.
Deployable in the cloud (underpinned by ISO27001 & PCI accreditation) or on-premise for complete data control.

Read this eBook by Stratigent for advice on the different technology options

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