Customer Analytics

Build comprehensive first party profiles of individual customers to power advanced customer analytics and insight that delivers exceptional insight and outcomes.

Some of the challenges clients resolve with the Celebrus CDP:

  • Customer analytics programmes are held back by poor or incomplete customer data
  • The effort to collect and integrate data overwhelms the time turning it into insight
  • Analytical data on customers is not delivering enough insight to effectively compete
  • Understanding of context around behaviours is limited due to lack of experiential data
  • Pricing and trading decisions are made on data that isn’t complete enough
  • Access to data is too slow to deliver analytics at the speed of business today
  • Concerns exist over data governance, privacy, security and risk mitigation

What can Celebrus help you achieve?

  • Build omnichannel journey maps and undertake root cause analysis using multi-channel data captured over time e.g. which online interactions lead to a contact centre call
  • Optimise pricing by understanding not just how an individual behaved e.g. flight chosen, but what they experienced too e.g. the order, cost and type of flights shown
  • Shape product strategies through understanding latent demand e.g. products always configured on a car online but rarely purchased
  • Accelerate customer acquisition e.g. predicting which campaigns and channels drive highest value, not volume, visitors even when few have converted so far
  • Speed up test and learning cycles e.g. test impact of page load timings on performance and conversion rate optimisation

Solution partners

Celebrus Technologies enables the collection of sophisticated behavioural and experiential data on customers from digital channels. It is used in multiple customer analytics applications, most notably from leading providers Teradata, SAS and Microsoft. Celebrus data also has a long history of feeding data warehouses for data centralisation and single customer view creation.

In addition, Celebrus can be delivered into leading BI technologies to help clients quickly, easily and confidently build the data visualisations, dashboards and reports they rely on to continuously improve results and communicate internally. Celebrus can also feed open source tools such as Hadoop, Apache Spark and Apache Kafka, to help clients manage and analyst their data and to power streaming analytics.

In this changing marketplace, any company not willing to use online customer data WILL get left behind.

Gareth Powell, Head of Web Analytics, J D Williams & Co Ltd

After using the Celebrus software for two years, I have yet to find a question that the data collected using the Celebrus software could not answer.

Stefan Hanekamp, Online Marketing Analyst, FBTO

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