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Personalisation is a well-established technique covering everything from simple first name personalisation in an email salutation, right through to delivering fully individualised, real-time experiences.  Contextual Marketing moves beyond personalisation and focusses on the importance of having a complete, omnichannel understanding of each customer over time in order to ensure that the message content, timing and channel is truly optimised for that individual.   Clearly to achieve this goal organisations need data; complete, granular and robust data, in real-time.  Only then can they have a complete contextual understanding and optimise their communications so they increase engagement and enhance the customer experience.

How could you use Contextual Marketing?

With the right data and technologies in place, imagination is the only barrier to how to use Contextual Marketing to deliver a seamless customer experience across all touchpoints.  Examples and uses by Celebrus clients include:

  • Popping up the call centre number or web chat link when someone has done their second search for an answer in your online support pages.
  • Passing hot leads into your call centre for follow-up if a known customer drops off an online loan application form prior to completion.
  • Inserting an offer for free delivery when someone returns to your website who has previously abandoned their basket after looking at delivery prices.
  • Promoting complementary items to those a loyalty card customer has purchased in-store when they next visit the website.
  • Showing a first time visitor the benefits of signing up to your email marketing programme.
  • Showing messages about your online security when a new customer adds the first product to their basket.
  • Giving a loyalty card holder the 10% discount you had offered them via email when they buy the same product in-store.
  • Showing a message to offer someone an appointment in their local store to test the product they have put into their basket.

How can Celebrus help power your Contextual Marketing?


  • Detail: The granularity of Celebrus data enables its easy integration with other data – for example transaction history, customer lifetime value, call centre records, Net Promoter Score results etc. – to build a complete, fully contextualised single customer view. 
  • Speed: Real-time data availability ensures that it can be integrated with other data sources immediately so a decision can be made and a response delivered at the speed of the customer, i.e. within milliseconds of their interaction.
  • Power: In addition to customer data, Celebrus data can also be integrated with other data to power streaming analytics, for example adding flight inventory data to previous transaction history enables predictive models to decide whether it’s best to promote purchasing an upgrade or buying a spare seat to a customer whilst they are booking their flight.
  • Flexible:  Celebrus is able to feed multiple data targets without the need for custom ETL due to the nature of its data model, which means it real-time data can be delivered to the decisioning engine of your choice to easily fit with your existing infrastructure.
  • Easy: Celebrus has its own rules-based personalisation technology which can help you get started on your journey to Contextual Marketing through giving you an easy interface in which to develop targeting and personalisation rules.

Celebrus has helped us to improve the customer experience by enabling more targeted marketing campaigns and greater levels of personalisation. And all while maintaining the speed of our sites.

Matthew Doubleday, Head of Data Science, Shop Direct

Adding individual customer information from the online channel allows J D Williams & Co Ltd to achieve more focused customer segmentation and undertake marketing campaigns based on deeper customer understanding to improve relevance and experience.

Neil McGowan, CIO, J D Williams & Co Ltd

How did Agis, leading Dutch insurer deliver 24% conversion uplift with customer personalisation?

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