The coming together of Forrester’s "Age of the Customer" with the drive for digital transformation is giving organisations some very complex challenges if they are to compete effectively in this era of "always on", fickle consumers and global marketplaces. Some of the key business challenges that we see clients resolve using Celebrus include:

Improve Customer Proposition & Experience
use comprehensive customer insight to deliver highly personalised omnichannel messages, at the individual or micro-segment level, that enhance experiences and drive value

Accelerate Customer Acquisition
use data and modelling to enhance offers and messages given to prospects even if they are unknown to improve conversion rates and convert new clients

Optimise Product & Trading
use data about product searches, configurations and purchases to establish understanding of customer demand and pricing elasticity

Grow Existing Customer Sales
use omnichannel customer insight to orchestrate personalised up-sell, cross-sell, replenishment and other that make customers feel understood and valued

Optimise Customer Service
use customer and operational data to predict and nullify customer service concerns and smooth the customer journey at all stages of the lifecycle

Improve Compliance & Risk Management
ensure complete data control in order to meet compliance regulations and fulfil privacy and security expectations of customers and legal authorities

Clients choose to work with Celebrus to help them achieve these goals because it is:-

Icon: Fast


real-time (milliseconds) data capture through delivery

Icon: Detailed


comprehensive individual customer profiles

Icon: Owned


first party data approach

Icon: Complete


experiential + behavioural data across channels

Icon: Integrated


pre-built with leading incumbent technologies

Icon: Flexible


on premise or SaaS options

Icon: Easy


tagging-free deployment

Icon: Proven


on >35,000 websites globally

Icon: Trusted


by data sensitive global enterprises

There are two key solutions that Celebrus delivers, alongside partners, to enable clients to meet these goals: