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The big data discussions have moved beyond defining it to focus, more importantly, on the opportunities it provides to drive business value and, ultimately, improve lives.  Using both established and innovative analytical techniques, clients are using data delivered by their Celebrus software, alone or in combination with other data types, to uncover previously hidden insight that is transforming their businesses.  Whilst getting started with big data analytics can feel daunting, the hardest and most important step to take is the first one.  Once you start on your analytics journey it will take you to exciting, undiscovered and bountiful places.

Which Analytics can Celebrus data feed?

Celebrus has been described as “the epitome of big data” in the digital space due to its high volume and real-time speed.   It is certainly a powerful component in many clients’ big data analytics projects such as:

  • Affinities and basket analysis to understand relationships between products.
  • Pathing to create an in-depth picture of the paths taken through a website and digital channels.
  • Attribution analysis to understand the interplay of multiple marketing touch points.
  • Predictive modelling to forecast future behaviours or results.
  • Micro-segmentation and profiling down to the level of the individual.

Why use Big Data Analytics?

These techniques are driving transformation and successes in areas such as:-

  • Pricing and revenue optimisation through understanding on-site sorting and search behaviours.
  • Merchandising planning in-store and online through mapping golden paths and customer journeys.
  • Fraud and risk reduction through uncovering potentially fraudulent online behaviours.
  • Product development and planning through identifying pent-up demand and product preferences.
  • Marketing spend optimisation through full lifecycle attribution modelling.
  • Digital strategy development through relying on data rather than industry best practices.
  • Marketing communications planning and execution through understanding customer preferences.

After using the Celebrus software for two years, I have yet to find a question that the data collected using the Celebrus software could not answer.

Stefan hanekamp, Online Marketing Analyst, FBTO

This platform is supporting hundreds of business insight projects, each of which will deliver improved conversion of customers.

Neil McGowan, CIO, J D Williams & Co Ltd

How web and customer analytics insight drives business efficiency for J D Williams & Co Ltd.

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