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Celebrus is coming to Retail Innovation 2023!

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Not capturing 100% of your anonymous user data? Multiple profiles for the same customer? Can't connect digital data across systems? You're not alone.

Celebrus is the radical data solution that solves gaps in data, identity, and connectivity to reveal true customer context and deliver next-level marketing and personalization in live-time. Celebrus amplifies your retail data to deliver revolutionary insight by capturing, contextualizing, and activating ALL data - across channel, device, domain, and time – to build unified profiles for every visitor from anonymous to known.

Book a Meeting & Get a Free AirTag!

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Come talk data strategy with us! Just give us 20 minutes of your time and we'll buy you a drink
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*Apple AirTag is a registered trademark of Apple. Qualified participants and conversations only. Meeting must take place during June 13 - May 15 during the Retail Innovation Conference & Expo. While supplies last.