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Celebrus is going to Reuters Total Health!

Reuters Total Health

As a disruptive data technology platform, Celebrus is focused on improving the relationships between brands and consumers via better data. Celebrus redefines what digital identity verification means to power both next-level marketing and fraud prevention use cases.

Celebrus amplifies healthcare data to deliver revolutionary insight for marketing and data teams. Celebrus automatically captures, contextualizes, and activates consumer behavioral data in live-time across all digital channels. Through the addition of behavioral biometrics and AI, Celebrus empowers brands to detect and prevent fraud before it occurs. 

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Struggling to capture marketing data thanks to the new HIPAA legislation? We can help!

Capture, unify, and activate data from multiple sources with Celebrus - the only HIPAA-compliant patient data solution that prioritizes privacy. Personalize your patient experiences with first-party data.


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