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Accelerate Business Success by Tracking Customers Across Channels
Accelerate Business Success by Tracking Customers Across Channels

The webinar outlines the findings of a recent study commissioned by Celebrus and conducted by Forrester Consulting.

Hosted by Celebrus and featuring James McCormick, Principal Analyst, Consumer Insights, Forrester; Nick Holman, Senior Data Scientist, N Brown Group and Matthew Tod, Chief Data Officer, Celebrus. Highlights included:

  • Only 26% of businesses surveyed are able to use data to improve customer experience for all or most of their customers’ interactions.
  • Nearly two-thirds of surveyed organisations have difficulty recognising customers across digital channels.
  • Almost all firms recognise the importance of tracking on customer engagement and that technology is key to making it work.
Innovative Digital Customer Analytics Powering Digital Transformation in Retail Banking
Topics: Digital Customer Analytics

Transforming Retail Banking By Understanding Your Customers In Unprecedented Detail

The retail banking world is undergoing rapid change, with innovative new entrants and increasingly fickle consumers forcing organizations to think far beyond traditional approaches.  To keep pace, banks must learn to truly understand their customers, their wants and frustrations, in order to not just keep them, but also increase the lifetime value of each one.  Hear how new insight powered by digital customer analytics techniques is enabling banks to transform their levels of customer experience and engagement and stay ahead of their competition, no matter how far along their data science journey they already are.

Lee Paries Vice President Americas Big Data & Analytics Practice, Teradata and Yasmeen Ahmad Head of Advanced Analytics – UK&I, Teradata.
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Stratigent & Celebrus Partner Webinar
Speed to Value
Topics: Customer Analytics

How to Accelerate Customer Analytics Success & Avoid Data Roadblocks.

In this webinar you’ll hear how to overcome the data roadblocks that can slow your route to successful customer analytics including:

•    The up-front and on-going time and effort required to capture detailed digital customer data
•    The delays caused by not having access to that data at the speed required…often right now!
•    The insight gaps created by a lack of cross-channel and cross-device data completeness
•    The frustration of spending time manipulating data instead of driving value from it

In this webinar Bill Bruno, CEO, Stratigent & Ebiquity North America, will talk about how leading brands have sped past these roadblocks and accelerated along their omnichannel customer analytics journeys.  You’ll also see a short demo of Celebrus’ tagging-free digital big data software.

R-Cubed, Celebrus & Virgin Atlantic Webinar
R-Bot boosts Virgin Atlantic ancillary sales by 11%
Topics: Real-time Personalisation - Single Customer View

R-Bot boosts Virgin Atlantic ancillary sales by 11% delivering a ROI of 6:1.

Hosting the webinar was Daniel Guest, R-cubed’s Commercial Director, who was joined by Kate Williams, Head of Analysis at R-cubed, Michael Groves, Lead Developer at R-cubed and Brian Holyer, Consultant at Celebrus Technologies.

In this fast-paced webinar the panel dug deep into the detail of the data, the technology, and the activity that was used to boost sales for Virgin Atlantic – and of course, the results.

The R-Bot marketing platform and Celebrus data has helped Virgin Atlantic and R-cubed take first place at this year’s Airline Achievement Awards in San Diego and win major success at both the Data Storytelling Awards and Database Marketing Awards, representing a total of eight industry awards in the last month alone!

Driving Online Sales Success Through Digital Analytics & Deep Customer Understanding
Topics: Digital Analytics

Using Digital Analytics To Develop An Understanding Of Your Customers’ Interactions With Your Brand

Whether you are in retail, travel, hospitality or another sector selling online, using digital analytics to develop a deep understanding of your customers’ interactions with your brand, and turning that insight into actions that drive sales and enhance the customer experience, is crucial to success today.  Hear examples of the digital analytics techniques used, and the detailed customer data underpinning them, that are transforming organizations’ rates of success through greatly increased revenue, loyalty and customer engagement.

Lee Paries Vice President Americas Big Data & Analytics Practice, Teradata and Gareth Powell Head of Web Analytics, J D Williams & Co Ltd (part of N Brown plc).
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