Celebrus Case Studies

Read how our clients past and present used Celebrus to power their digital intelligence, big data analytics and contextual marketing and the impact it had on their business.

Celebrus & N Brown Group - Maximising Marketing ROI
Celebrus & N Brown Group - Maximising Marketing ROI
Topics: Predictive Analytics, Contact Strategies, Cost Reduction

Maximising marketing ROI at N Brown Group.  Driving improvements in: optimising contact strategies, marketing effectiveness, cost reduction and predictive analytics.

Celebrus Technologies JD Williams Case Study Cust Eng. CS250315
Improving customer engagement at J D Williams & Co Ltd
Topics: Single Customer View - Predictive Modelling - Customer Experience

Leading omnichannel fashion retailer J D Williams & Co Ltd is capturing 65GB of online customer data using Celebrus software every month. By feeding this data into a Teradata warehouse holding significant customer history and transaction data, the company are tackling attribution (Marketing spend), enhancing website functionality, improving segmentation, creating behavioural personas and using predictive modelling to deliver a relevant and personal customer experience across every channel.

Celebrus Technologies JD Williams Case Study Bus Effic. CS250315
Web and customer analytics insight drives business efficiency for J D Williams & Co Ltd.
Topics: Segmentation – Marketing Attribution – Predictive Modelling

For omnichannel retailers changing customer behaviour is not only affecting the ecommerce teams. As online fashion retailer J D Williams & Co Ltd has discovered, from finance to marketing, fraud to customer service, the ability to combine individual online customer data from Celebrus with offline history in its Teradata warehouse is increasingly supporting both tactical and strategic decision making.

R-Cubed & Virgin Atlantic video case study
R-Bot boosts Virgin Atlantic ancillary sales by 11%
Topics: Real-time Personalisation - Single Customer View

The R-Bot marketing platform and Celebrus data has helped Virgin Atlantic and R-cubed take first place at this year’s Airline Achievement Awards in San Diego and win major success at both the Data Storytelling Awards and Database Marketing Awards, representing a total of eight industry awards in the last month alone!
To see why the Virgin Atlantic project has won so much attention watch the R-Cubed video case study and see the fresh approach that so impressed the judges.

Celebrus Technologies If Insurance Case Study CS120515
If Insurance consolidates analytics to transform customer insight and corporate culture.
Topics: Customer Experience - Business Reporting - Digital Channel Analytics

If Insurance uses Celebrus in conjunction with Tableau’s BI tool to provide the data scientists and analysts with the ability to deliver self-service analytics and dashboards to enable data-driven decision making across the company. If uses the Celebrus data to better understand the customer journey, from determining the most effective content to understanding the stages in the buying process and the questions raised at different stages. For If this is transforming its understanding of the engagement funnel.

Celebrus Technologies Agis Case Study 2 CS001112
Customer personalisation from Celebrus Technologies delivers 24% conversion uplift for Agis
Topics: Real-time Personalisation - Customer Experience

Agis, a leading Dutch insurer, has exploited Celebrus technology to continually test the performance of the many new campaigns, messages and designs they have created. After achieving 24% uplift in conversion, the company is now using Celebrus to dynamically present each customer with the most appropriate customer service/sales telephone number, resulting in a better customer experience, higher productivity and greater sales.

Celebrus Technologies ghd Mobile Case Study2 CS030513
ghd increases mobile conversion rate by 40% and improves customer experience
Topics: Real-time Personalisation - Digital Customer Experience - Mobile Campaign Delivery

ghd is optimising its UK mobile website experience using detailed data provided by Celebrus – reducing the iDevice bounce rates, improving the customer experience and increasing sales. With the dynamic nature of retail it is essential for super brands like ghd to know what their customers are doing and their preferences for interactions with the brand.

Celebrus Technologies FBTO Case Study2 CS081112
FBTO Insurance to predict online campaign success within 24 hours of launch
Topics: Marketing Attribution - Single Customer View - Customer Analytics - Digital Customer Experience

FBTO has built predictive models using Celebrus data to compare the behaviour of website visitors from different online marketing campaigns in order to understand which campaigns were driving the highest value traffic. Through being able to predict, to an accuracy of more than 90%, whether a visitor was likely to convert on this or a future visit enabled them to optimise campaign spend within 24 hours of a particular campaign starting.

Toshiba, IS Solutions & Celebrus Technologies
Toshiba, IS Solutions & Celebrus Technologies
Topics: data collection, data analysis

IS Solutions offers a comprehensive suite of web site usability tools and analysis techniques from Celebrus Technologies.

IS Solutions’ Celebrus study lived up to all its promise in revealing true customer behaviour on our web sites. It proved some things we expected but also revealed new information that will help us adjust the site to make it easier to use and more helpful for our existing and prospective customers.


CelebrusTechnologies Fortis Case Study CS151111
Fortis boosts web business with Celebrus
Topics: Customer Analytics - Digital Customer Experience

Fortis credit4me, the German Retail Business Unit of Fortis, international provider of banking and insurance, uses Celebrus data to analyse customers’ online behaviours and experiences so it can make calculated and informed decisions. One of the many benefits is a major positive impact on conversion rates of those completing online applications.

Celebrus Technologies Centraal Beheer Achmea Case Study CS270912
Centraal Beheer Achmea paves the way to developing a successful campaign attribution model using Celebrus.
Topics: Marketing Attribution

Centraal Beheer Achmea has developed a campaign attribution model with an objective to provide accurate analysis to demonstrate which methods and advertisements added the most value to the sales effort overall. Celebrus’ rich, granular data provided them with the ability to combine the history of the customer journey across all their website visits and allowed them to supply detailed data of the customers’ chosen journey and route to conversion.

comparethemarket.com Celebrus Managed Service with IS Solutions
comparethemarket.com Celebrus Managed Service with IS Solutions
Topics: data collection, data analysis

comparethemarket.com attracts visitors to its site by providing them with competitive insurance quotes from its partners.
This entire process relies on the best possible information on visitor activity and comparethemarket.com sought a solution that delivered consistently accurate visitor data to achieve this customer insight. IS Solutions implemented Celebrus.

J D Williams & Co Ltd uses Celebrus data to power their customer analytics
J D Williams & Co Ltd uses Celebrus individual customer data to improve their customer understanding for an enhanced customer experience and business results.

A short overview of how leading online retailer J D Williams & Co Ltd uses Celebrus individual customer data to improve their customer understanding for an enhanced customer experience and business results.

Celebrus Technologies P&O Ferries Case Study 090516.pdf
P&O Ferries selects Celebrus to monitor and dynamically manage their website
Topics: Fast & Easy Implementation

P&O Ferries carries more than ten million passengers a year. The UK-based European ferry operator selected customer insight software from Celebrus to monitor and dynamically manage the content of the P&O website. Based upon site visitor behaviour, the Web 2.0 technology gathers complete, real-time data about the web site experience for each individual online customer and prospect.

Teradata news desk video interview
Teradata PARTNERS 2016 - John Hines - News Desk Interview
Topics: Clickstream analytics

Why should we care about clickstream-based web analytics?
John Hines of Teradata Corporation is the Senior Director of Corporate Marketing Services & Digital Strategy and has a wealth of knowledge on web analytics. Hines discusses the evolving metrics of marketing success and the streamlined move from page totals to data pathing.

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