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Find out more about Celebrus and why it is the critical digital big data foundation to drive customer-centricity.

Celebrus Technologies V8 Big Data Engine PD250315
The Celebrus V8 Big Data Engine captures, contextualises and delivers real-time data about individuals’ behaviours across your digital channels.

The data delivered by the Celebrus V8 Big Data Engine has all the power, speed and flexibility you need to propel your customer analytics, engagement and experience programmes into over-drive. Learn more about it.

Multi-channel Data Collection with Celebrus PD250315
Multi-channel Data Collection with Celebrus. All you need to know about what data Celebrus collects and from which channels.

As well as web browsers Celebrus also provides support for collection from mobile platforms including apps, rich media and social channels. This document outlines what data and from which channels.

Celebrus Technologies Big Data Feed for Digital Data PD140616
Big Data Feed for Digital Big Data. Why the Celebrus Big Data Feed is the feed of choice.

Find out why Celebrus is the easy, fast and flexible solution to your digital big data needs and how it differs from ‘traditional’ web analytics solutions.

Why Celebrus? – The Basics PD091215
Why Celebrus? – The Basics. An overview of the four key benefits of Celebrus data collection and delivery.

Celebrus provides complete and contextualised individual-level digital channel data in real-time. • Fast to deploy and very easy to maintain • Complete individual-level multi-channel data • Data ownership & infrastructure considerations • Real-time and contextualised • Why is this important for business?

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