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D4t4 Expands Partnership with Quantexa for Complete Contextualized, Real-Time Fraud Detection and Prevention

D4t4 Solutions Plc (AIM: D4T4), a leading innovator in customer data and analytics, today announced an expansion of its partnership with Quantexa with a powerful new joint capability that pairs Quantexa's Contextual Decision Intelligence (CDI) Platform with real-time biometric profiling via the Celebrus Fraud Data Platform (FDP) to prevent fraud before it happens.

By intelligently distinguishing between legitimate and fraudulent digital behaviors, the combination of Celebrus and Quantexa will enable financial institutions to put a stop to mule fraud and remote account takeover fraud. The joint capability takes full advantage of Celebrus FDP's latest features, including Sense and Trace, which allows organizations to closely follow the activity of the mule accounts, find other associated identities compromised by fraudsters, and set alerts when a known mule account is used again.

"In today's digital world, customers demand exceptional and safe online experiences, even as fraudsters are constantly devising new, more sophisticated ways to scam their victims," said D4t4 Solutions CEO Bill Bruno. "Typical anti-fraud solutions lack necessary data and take a retrospective view of fraud events, with analysis happening weeks after they occur. Companies need a more contextualized, real-time, and data-driven approach to fraud analytics and fraud prevention. With our new joint capability with Quantexa, customers gain best-in-class decisioning intelligence with highly-contextualized, first-party data to finally stop fraudsters in their tracks."

Additional benefits include:

  • Prioritization of high-risk persons, businesses, channels, and losses
  • Monitoring of all transactions in real-time for anomalous activity
  • Automatic discounting of non-fraudulent events and reduction of false positives
  • Activation of existing fraud management systems via direct integration
  • Prevention of a range of scams and fraud including romance scams, impersonation scams, investment scams, business account compromise scams, and more

Since announcing its partnership with Quantexa, with the launch of the Celebrus FDP in June 2021, D4t4 Solutions has continued to innovate with new capabilities and integrations. Like the wider Celebrus Product Suite, Quantexa is used by many of the world's leading financial institutions.

"Quantexa's CDI platform combined with Celebrus' real-time behavioral biometric capabilities offers a powerful solution, at scale, to some of our customers' most pressing fraud challenges," said Ivan Heard, global head of fraud solutions, Quantexa. "By partnering together, fraud teams leveraging Quantexa and Celebrus can easily detect and prevent many forms of fraud."

To learn more about Celebrus FDP and its integration with Quantexa:

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