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Celebrus “Most Comprehensive in Identity Management” by Global InfoSec Awards 2022

D4t4 Solutions Plc (AIM: D4T4), a leading innovator in customer data and analytics, today announced it has been recognized as a leader by the Global InfoSec Awards 2022 as the “Most Comprehensive in Identity Management” and "Most Comprehensive in Account Takeover Protection".

“The Celebrus technology team continues to push the boundaries of what is possible with data and is honored to be recognized by the Global InfoSec Awards 2022. Our compliant identity technology embedded within the Celebrus product suite is unmatched in the market. Leveraging this in the fraud sector, Celebrus FDP proves capable of detecting and preventing fraud before it occurs – a game-changing solution to save billions of dollars for consumers and businesses annually,” said Bill Bruno, CEO of D4t4 Solutions.

Released last June, Celebrus Fraud Data Platform offers exceptional remote account takeover fraud protection, capable of tracing the how and why of fraud occurrences before the money is gone. Other technologies tend to rely on age, location, and transaction history to prevent account takeover whereas Celebrus provides all those metrics and much more granular data to prevent account takeover and other types of fraud in real-time,” said Serpil Hall, D4t4 Solutions head of fraud management. “The Celebrus’ advanced detection and fraud prevention capabilities that transform the customer experience would not be possible without the talent and attention to detail in achieving excellence of the D4t4 team.”

The Celebrus fraud and data technologies were judged on the following criteria: propensity to understand future threats, cost-effectiveness of solution, and awareness and mitigation of breach and cyber risk, according to the award organization.

D4t4 Solutions is continuously working to enhance real-time, first-party data capture and contextualization of the Celebrus technology with ethical, first-party identity tracking capabilities, cutting-edge behavioral biometrics, and tracking of PII across the entire customer journey, including across digital channels, platforms, and devices. “Celebrus FDP’s fraud prevention capabilities are constantly being upgraded with enhanced features to mitigate and combat developments and innovations in threat behaviors while significantly reducing fraud and false positives.” Hall said.

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