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In the early days of the internet, organisations picked through web logs to find information which might help them to optimise their website. Technologies have evolved rapidly since then, and today both the purpose and methods of gathering web data are very different. Organisations now want to understand customers as cohesive, omnichannel individuals and need a very different style of data to do so. Data collection in the inhospitable digital landscape is a complex topic with many different browsers, mobile technologies, development standards and infrastructure dependencies. To truly analyse customer behaviour you need technologies built to meet this specific requirement: relying on technologies developed for reporting or channel optimisation will not meet that need.

Three platform areas

The Celebrus platform is split into three key components:-

Celebrus Big Data Engine

Collects complete digital data and adds business context including user defined complex scenarios.

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Celebrus Adapters & Connectors
  1. Build the model and deliver the data into the target system of choice in real-time (milliseconds) or near real-time (< 60 seconds).
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Real-Time Personalisation

Celebrus’ proprietary rules-driven real-time personalisation software to drive online and offline personalisation.

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What Makes Celebrus Unique?

Developed by professionals with over 100 cumulative years of web domain experience, the Celebrus digital big data platform helps organisations overcome the complexity and hostility of this digital world with tagging-free, patented software that streams contextualised, individual-level data about customers’ interactions across a brand’s digital channels directly into the target database of choice.

Compared to other web data collection technologies, award-winning Celebrus is ground-breaking for these six key reasons.

This is why Celebrus is collecting 10 billion sessions per year from across over 25,000 websites globally.

Detailed – individual-level data
Multi-channel – website, mobile & social data
Complete – all data captured not just what is tagged
Easy – tagging-free deployment across all channels
Flexible – on-premise or SaaS options
Fast – real-time (milliseconds) or <60 second data feeds

The way the Celebrus technology can be implemented was really the selling point from our point of view… The time savings in deployment alone are massive.

Dan Acarnley, Web Manager, P&O Ferries

The decision to extend the use of Celebrus across the organisation was based on the flexibility, agility and actionability of the realtime granular data and tagging-free nature of the technology.

Karl-Sebastian Lindblad, Data Scientist, If Insurance

All you need to know about what data Celebrus collects and from which channels.

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