Real-Time Personalisation Solutions

Flexible Real-Time Personalisation and Contextual Marketing Options

When it comes to achieving personalisation and contextual marketing goals, Celebrus offers two options of where to feed the data in real-time:

  • Into Celebrus’ rules-based personalisation software.
  • Into a decisioning engine.

This choice enables organisations to decide the best option for them based on their existing technology stack, contextual marketing maturity, skill-set and business goals.  In addition, organisations can switch approaches with ease as the transition between technologies is relatively fast and painless.

Both options exploit Celebrus’ unique ability to capture complete, individual-level, online behavioural data, transform it into meaningful business information and compile long-term customer histories of known and unknown individuals in the Profile Connector.  It also benefits from Celebrus’ light-touch, tagging-free implementation to reduce deployment times to only a few days. 

Delivering Celebrus Data into Decisioning Engines

Feeding Celebrus data into a decisioning engine is the ideal approach for organisations which are relatively sophisticated in their contextual marketing experience and needs, or those who already have complementary technologies in place. This option enables organisations to power contextualised marketing, such as next best offers, based on advanced analytics.  Celebrus already has a range of clients feeding partner systems with data and can feed any decisioning engine of choice.  

Real-Time Personalisation with Celebrus

For those not wanting, or perhaps ready, to use a partner decisioning engine, Celebrus’ own Real-Time Personalisation solution is the best approach as it enables organisations to get started with minimum cost and complexity.  Celebrus’ proprietary Real-Time Personalisation technology is a rules-based system which, as well as injecting dynamic content including rich media into web pages and mobile applications, can also push triggers that drive real-time actions into external systems such as call centre applications and email marketing platforms. 

Why chose Celebrus for real-time personalisation?

  • Flexibility: feed the real-time data into a partner decisioning engine or use Celebrus’ own rules-based personalisation software.
  • Simple deployment:  fast and simple tagging-free deployment captures all the online data, not just what is tagged for.
  • Manage your content: Celebrus integrates with Content Management Systems used to host your marketing creatives and content.
  • Zero impact on performance:  user interface events are captured asynchronously so there’s no impact on website performance.
  • In-built rules engine:  allows users to create rules based on business events to trigger external actions or content personalisation.

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