What are Celebrus Adapters & Connectors?

Even before you start gathering the richest and deepest digital big data set possible, you must consider what you want to do with it and therefore where you want to put it?  Whatever business purpose you have for the data and wherever you want it fed into, it’s Celebrus Adapters and Connectors that provide the mechanism to push the data from the Celebrus Event Stream into your target technology including:

  • Enterprise Data Warehouses - for storing the data and creating a single customer view.
  • Big Data Analytics tools – for advanced data discovery and analytics.
  • Multi-channel Communications & Marketing Automation platforms - to drive communications, including real-time.
  • Real-time Decisioning engines – for one-to-one personalisation, offers and messaging.
  • BI & Visualisation tools - for data visualisation, dash-boarding and reporting.
  • Complementary software - such as creating marketing attribution models.

Flexible, easy data delivery

The Celebrus Adapters and Connectors provide simple, flexible and fast data delivery because:

  • Delivery can be to as many systems as required in parallel, e.g. Hadoop for clickstream data and Teradata Data Warehouse for high value business data.
  • Pre-built data models avoid custom schema design and ETL, leaving you to focus on using the data.
  • The data is available in real-time, enabling streaming analytics, real-time decisioning and personalisation across websites, email and offline channels such as call centres.
  • Deployment is available on-premise, in the public or private cloud, or even via a hybrid cloud solution, providing all the flexibility to meet corporate security, compliance and privacy requirements.
  • You can also break ‘out of the box’ by designing and deploying your own connectors for complete flexibility.

Types of Celebrus Adapters & Connector

Data delivery is achieved via a combination of a Celebrus Adapter and a Celebrus Connector.  There are two types of Adapters which provide different views of the data.  Celebrus Connectors then shape the data into the right format for delivery into the target system.  Celebrus Connectors can provide data to database and analytics systems, and to real-time and decisioning systems. For analytics, there is a Celebrus Analytics Adapter that builds a relational data model, and each Connector transforms that model for a particular target system. Similarly, the Celebrus Real-Time Adapter maintains an in-memory model of each individual, and the Real-Time Connectors stream the relevant parts of that model to the target system in the required format.

The Analytics Adapter supports these Connectors:

  • Celebrus File Store Connector *
  • Hadoop Connector
  • MySQL Connector
  • Teradata Connector
  • Aster Analytics Connector
  • Oracle Connector
  • SQL Server Connector
  • MongoDB Connector

The Real-Time Adapter supports these Connectors:

  • Celebrus Personalisation Connector *
  • Teradata RTIM Connector
  • Teradata CIM Connector
  • Pega Connector
  • SAS ESP Connector
  • Salesforce Connector
  • Dotmailer Connector

* If you have systems which do not have an existing connector, the Celebrus File Store Connector and Celebrus Personalisation Connector can be configured to provide data in various formats which should provide a means to connect Celebrus to these systems. These formats include CSV, XML and JSON for analytics connectors; and HTTP and Message Queue communications with XML, JSON and custom data formats for Rreal-time connectors.

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