Celebrus V8 Big Data Engine

What is the Celebrus Big Data Engine?

The Celebrus v8 big data engine is a ground-breaking digital big data technology that captures, contextualises and delivers real-time data about individuals’ behaviours across a brands’ digital channels including websites, mobile apps, social and streaming media.  This award-winning, tagging-free software then streams this highly granular data into a wide variety of technologies such as decisioning engines, data discovery tools, data warehouses and document databases, in parallel in real-time or near real-time, using Celebrus Connectors.

The Celebrus v8 big data engine delivers all the power, speed and flexibility you need to propel your customer analytics, engagement and experience programmes into over-drive by enabling real-time website personalisation, advanced customer analytics and true one-to-one, data-driven marketing.

How does it work?

Following the deployment of a single line of code in the website or mobile app, raw clickstream and event data is gathered from across multiple digital channels and devices by the Celebrus Collection Engine.  These channels and technologies include: websites including HTML5; mobile apps (iOS, Android and Windows Phone); rich media (Flash, Flex, Adobe AIR); media players (Windows, Real-Play, embedded YouTube videos) and social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+).  

The data then has business meaning and context applied in real-time by the Celebrus big data engine, e.g. that click is a basket add or that action is an on-site search for this keyword.  Adding context to the data is a key enrichment step.  All data generated by Celebrus includes identity, device, campaign and geolocation context.  This enables you to know everything about an interaction (who, why, when, where and how). In addition to automatic contextualisation, organisations can add their own business rules and logic. This data then flows, in real-time, into the Celebrus Event Stream from where it is pushed out to chosen locations by the Celebrus Connectors.

What makes the Celebrus big data engine ground-breaking?

Right from its inception, Celebrus has focused on capturing and delivering complete, granular digital interaction data as quickly and easily as possible.  This very essence of the Celebrus software made it ground-breaking in its day and our ongoing development continues to keep us ahead of the crowd because:

  • The data can be fed into a variety of technologies in parallel, so you’re working with a single source of data truth across all your analytics and data-driven marketing activities.
  • The data is contextualised with business meaning, drastically reducing post-processing time and effort.
  • The data is individual level, not aggregated, to power one-to-one contextual marketing.
  • The complete set of data is captured including interactions and context, not just what was initially considered to be useful.
  • The granular data can be easily integrated with other customer, business or operational data to create a complete omnichannel view.
  • Deployment is tagging-free, negating the need for up-front tag planning and on-going tag management and maintenance.
  • Celebrus not only collects interactions, it can also collect supplementary data, e.g. a set of flight options shown to a visitor or stock levels displayed. This helps you to not only understand which choices the customer did make, but also those they didn’t.


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