The Celebrus real-time Customer Data Platform builds real-time first party customer profiles at scale using the Extraordinary Data captured, transformed and then delivered by Celebrus, enabling organisations to power advanced customer analytics and deliver seamless personalised omnichannel experiences.

What is a Real-Time Customer Data Platform?

The Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a new component of the modern martech stack. A CDP builds comprehensive customer profiles and makes them available in real-time for activation by other technologies in order to create deep insight and orchestrate omnichannel engagement.

The Celebrus Real-Time CDP

Celebrus’ multi-patented technology has been capturing, transforming and delivering customer data for clients globally since 1999. Our ethos has always been understanding customers as individuals by capturing complete customer-level, not aggregated, data from across channels, devices and sessions. This first party data, which includes both behaviours exhibited e.g. products searched for and experiences e.g. star ratings visible, is captured whether a customer is a known individual or not. Celebrus transforms and enriches that data to create comprehensive customer profiles at scale, then delivers those profiles in real-time for activation. Tight integrations with leading customer insight technologies and engagement systems accelerate time to value and enable clients to maximise ROI on both Celebrus and their incumbent technologies.

Why choose the Celebrus CDP?

There are eight key reasons that clients choose to work with Celebrus:

Data is first party reducing risk of using third party providers
Customer profiles are stitched together across devices, channels and time
Experiential as well as behavioural data is captured to create deeper insight
Data is real-time to power personalisation and streaming analytics
On-premise deployment gives complete data control to reduce risk
Tagging-free data capture slashes costs and increases agility
Extensive and extendable data model enables nimble capture and delivery
Integrations with leading technologies give fast time to value and maximise ROI

There are three key components Celebrus’ award-winning CDP:


Captures complex data from across channels, devices and time to build comprehensive view

Captures first party data about experiences as well as behaviours to understand context

Ingests data from other providers to deepen insight without the need to rip and replace

Captures the data in real-time to power real-time personalisation

Is tagging-free and never needs changing to slash effort and collection costs

Diagram: Capturing to build profiles Diagram: Capturing to build profiles

1. Events:

data about behaviours and experiences captured; searches, clicks, mouse-overs, product views, order of flights shown, stock levels visible, ratings & reviews shown etc.

2. Data sources:

data is collected from across channels including Web, mobile, ATM, card payment, connected car, apps, streaming media etc.

3. Data layers:

as websites have become more complex, e.g. including JSON objects in the page, Celebrus has extended its unique data capture methodology to ensure no data is left behind


Adds business context to raw data to reduce processing time and effort

Builds custom scenarios to create new "event" types to trigger other systems

Creates "lack of action" event types around user-defined criteria to act as system triggers

Enriches with data from external sources to deepen context

Structures data into an extensive data model that can be further extended to more data

Diagram: Transforming to build profiles Diagram: Transforming to build profiles

4. Context:

data has business context applied to turn raw clickstream data into meaningful, immediately useable data e.g. that click is a basket add, text typed into that box is a product search, this is the device being used, this is the individual etc.

5. Triggers:

bespoke compound scenarios can be created which link together pre-defined customer behaviours to create new events which can trigger other systems such as outbound call centres

6. Profile enrichment:

enrichment with other data types enhances customer profiles to provide deeper insight for optimal personalisation e.g. local weather conditions or credit rating

7. Actionable customer attributes:

ingestion of additional data to append to the customer profile e.g. attributes derived from offline modelling, to further enhance real-time personalisation

8. Actions:

data about the messages, adverts, emails, calls etc. that have been presented to the customer and their subsequent reaction or non-reaction e.g. the absence of a website visit over a defined period following an email can be set to trigger another system


Has pre-built ETL and data models to minimises data delivery effort and time

Delivers data to target solutions in real-time power real-time personalisation

Has deep integrations with leading technologies to maximise ROI on existing investments

Feeds both analytics and engagement systems in parallel with a single source of data truth

Enables complete data control to meet governance, security and compliance needs

Diagram: Delivering profiles for activation Diagram: Delivering profiles for activation

1. Data warehouses:

delivery into data warehouses for data centralisation, operationalisation and creation of a single customer view

2. Real-time streams:

real-time delivery of data into leading technologies to power streaming analytics and in-house decisioning efforts

3. Real-time rules:

Celebrus’ proprietary rules-based on personalisation technology to help organisations early in their personalisation journey get started quickly and easily

4. Discovery/BI platforms:

delivery into multiple BI, visualisation and dashboarding technologies made simple and fast with a pre-built semantic layer called the Celebrus Data Visualisation Layer

5. Decisioning systems:

real-time data delivery into world-class decisioning engines to orchestrate and deliver omnichannel personalisation and customer engagement across campaigns

6. Marketing clouds:

working closely with leading marketing clouds to enhance their offerings with real-time, individual-level data

7. Real-time bidding:

supporting advertising with real-time data streams to power highly targeted advertising with brand-known individuals in a secure and compliant fashion

8. Advertising:

using our ability to dynamically build an individual user profile, then anonymise that profile for external communication to chosen AdTech platforms such as DSP’s, SSP’s etc. for ad targeting and tracking