Catch the Fraudster before the Fraud

Less than 25% of online fraud losses are ever recovered so it's absolutely critical to catch criminals before they successfully commit their crimes

We help identify multiple types of fraud as they happen

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Celebrus Fraud Data Platform provides the most complete real-time stream of behavioral data across all digital touchpoints, throughout the customer journey. We power your existing fraud management systems with the insights required to prevent fraudsters from committing crime, whilst enabling genuine customers to interact seamlessly.

New account fraud

Celebrus FDP provides real-time behavioral analytics across the account opening journey from first visit, to application, onboarding and beyond. Our 'collect everything' approach captures PII, site navigation and detailed visitor behaviors down to mouse move and swipe level. We can detect the fraudsters via their unique behaviors before they successfully open new accounts.

Account takeover fraud

By providing real-time behavioral biometrics, Celebrus FDP continuously authenticates genuine users and identifies suspicious activity. We detect the unique behaviors displayed by cybercriminals as they gain access, either directly, or through coercion. Suspect activity is flagged to your existing access management and fraud detection solutions to stop account attacks as they happen.

Payment fraud

Only a fraction of fraud losses are recoverable after a payment is made, so real time detection and prevention of fraudulent payments is critical. Celebrus generates detailed behavioural insights in real time across each individual payment journey. These are instantly passed as a set of behavioural risk indicators and a score to your existing fraud prevention tools, enabling them to block more fraudulent payments, whilst preserving the experience of genuine customers.


Celebrus FDP identifies the unique behaviors that cybercriminals display as they commit fraud in an increasingly digital world. We're fast and simple to deploy, plus easily configurable to protect against emerging types of fraud that you face.

Retail Banking

Protect yourself from financial crime whilst improving the customer experience by invisibly, accurately and seamlessly scanning every interaction for fraud. Prevent mule account opening, remote access takeover, authorized push payment fraud and much more.


Detect and prevent more claims fraud via digital behaviors displayed across the customer journey, from application to claims processing. Also identify and protect against commercial IP theft, paid advertising fraud and other attacks that harm your business.


Identify multiple types of fraud as they happen and prevent them before you incur a loss. Prevent new account frauds involving identity theft, account takeover, card testing and other types of eCommerce fraud to reduce the losses you suffer, whilst not impacting genuine customer experiences.

Powering the Fight Against Cybercriminals

Celebrus FDP is always on, capturing every detail of each user interaction in real-time. The solution enables you to activate this data via your preferred fraud management platforms, to support fraud detection and prevention, investigations, in addition to AI and reporting. The end-to-end fight against fraud is easier and faster with Celebrus FDP

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AI & Performance Management

Each interaction, behavior, decision and outcome is captured in the out-of-the-box fraud data model. This provides additional features to improve the power of your AI, plus a wide range of metrics to extend your fraud performance management reporting with additional insights.

Real-time Fraud Detection & Prevention

Celebrus FDP helps detect and prevent fraud by capturing detailed behavioral data from all channels and generating real-time risk alerts across the customer journey. Insights are passed to your existing onboarding, authentication and fraud management platforms to identity cybercriminals before they successfully complete a fraud, preventing losses before they are incurred.

Fraud Investigation

Fraud investigations are informed by session replay and threat insights at two levels. Firstly individual cases flagged as suspicious and blocked, can be replayed step-by-step to help determine whether they are genuine or fraudulent. Cases can also be investigated using link analysis via our extensive Identity Graph and database to determine whether wider threats have emerged.


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Celebrus FDP integrates with all major enterprise fraud management, identity proofing and access management solutions to bring behavioral biometrics and behavioral analytics into any fraud detection and prevention process.

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Read the Scams Data Sheet

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