Role-based Solutions

Celebrus CDP has become indispensable to a vast range of professionals, each of whom leverage customer interaction data to provide a competitive advantage to their organizations and rely on Celebrus CDP to excel in their profession.

Chief Data or Digital Officer

Your role as CDO is pivotal to the success of your business. In fact, data and analytics are crucial to the operations of the modern enterprise. The 2021 Gartner Board of Directors Survey found that not only has demand in data and analytics (D&A) increased since the onslaught of the COVID-19 crisis but the urgency to drive digital transformation has also changed. Here are some of the top challenges we have found are facing CDO’s


Listen to a Customer

Customer Analytics Teams

As a Customer Analytics Team you are probably aware that Customer Data Platforms are booming. This has been a trend that has accelerated with the pandemic due to the need to enrich the customer journey and utilize vast data that spans far beyond what exists in most companies systems of record. The key though, isn’t just having the data, but using yours intelligently and effectively to better understand your customers, opportunities, weaknesses, financials, and risks.


Digital Marketing Teams

Digital Marketing Teams are facing many significant challenges in 2021 and beyond. As you continue to collect mountains of customer data the problem remains that much of this data is not connected and so is unusable. Your customers want you to ‘listen’, understand and act on their data. However, for many this remains a challenge because of disparate data sources, marketing technology that doesn’t interoperate well, and the inability to distill insights that translate into actionable insights.


Data Scientists

If you are a Data Scientist, then did you know that according to Harvard Business Review you are in one of ‘sexiest roles of the 21st Century”. In your role you get to coax treasure out of messy and unstructured data but wouldn’t it be better to spend more time analyzing and modeling and rather less on data preparation! Here are some of the numerous challenges we have found Data Scientist are likely to be facing.


Listen to a Customer

Learn more about how DNB, a Celebrus customer, has pivoted from being a traditional bank to being a data-led enterprise, told from the Chief Data Officer's perspective. In this short video Aidan talks about the value of Celebrus, being easy to deploy, with the ability to reconnect and stream in near real-time channel interaction data from their customers. You can also download and read the case study: Data Innovation in Financial Services (July 2020)

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