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Together powering analytics, personalisation & data integration

Celebrus and Teradata have a long-established and close partnership that, over time, has developed tight technology integrations and a number of large shared clients including global banks, leading omnichannel retailers, automotive companies, international airlines and large insurers.
To get an overview of our joint propositions download this document.  You can also download case studies and see a video by J D Williams & Co Ltd, part of N Brown Group, by looking on our Customer Stories page.

Celebrus feeds their individual-level digital channel data into three different Teradata Solutions:-

Teradata Aster

The Teradata Aster for data discovery and deep analytics such as golden path analysis, journey mapping and marketing attribution. 

Download this brochure to understand more about this joint solution.

Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager

The Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager decisioning product for real-time decisioning, personalisation and offer management. 

Download this brochure to read more about this real-time feed of Celebrus data.

Teradata Integrated Channel Intelligence (ICI) Data Warehouse

The Teradata Integrated Channel Intelligence data warehouse for the integration, centralisation and operationalisation of data and business intelligence. 

Download this brochure to understand the capabilities and functionality of this feed.

This platform is supporting hundreds of business insight projects, each of which will deliver improved conversion of customers.

CIO, JD Williams & Co Ltd

Get an overview of the joint Celebrus & Teradata proposition.

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