Web Analytics Consulting Leader, Semphonic, and Online Customer Intelligence Provider, Celebrus, Unveil New White Paper.

Published: Monday, 26 March 2012 13:02

The white paper, written by Gary Angel, President of Semphonic, the web analytics consulting global leader, highlights the rapid changes being experienced within digital measurement and analytics at the enterprise level. Within the past year, the industry itself has seen the rapid adoption and the evolution of tag management systems, the re-platforming of most major web analytics solutions plus, perhaps most significantly, the widespread use of advanced warehousing platforms to integrate and analyse digital data.

Yet even with these changes there are still major challenges with data governance, robust data collection, data models and real-time data collection.

The white paper explores why most web analytics solutions do not meet these challenges and are unable to deliver the capabilities necessary for many forms of advanced analysis. For example, predictive modelling, data driven segmentation, regression and correlation are unavailable in the off-the-shelf web analytics tools. Even more significantly is the widespread desire to use digital data to drive customer conversations in real-time – currently this is impossible with web analytics data due to the latency in data availability and lack of all the individual-level data required.

The recently-announced web analytics strategy partnership between online customer intelligence provider, Celebrus Technologies, and Semphonic ensures that Celebrus will be one of the key technologies that Semphonic’s consultants will have available to recommend when assessing a client’s digital and analytical requirements. Celebrus’ unique tag-free software collects data on individual visitors’ interactions with a client’s online channels, including websites, mobile applications, Facebook, and YouTube, and from this data builds individual profiles of the users. The preferences include highly granular, detailed data, including on-site behaviour, preferences and frequency of visit.

Katharine Hulls, VP Marketing at Celebrus Technologies, comments, “The white paper highlights important points for the modern marketer and data manager – primarily the importance of the online customer intelligence that can be readily gathered and made available throughout an organisation, and the broad utility that that data has. The granular detail of the data which can be extracted from online activities can bring huge benefits to those enterprises with an extensive online presence, especially when used to drive real-time communications.”

Gary Angel, President and CTO of web analytics consulting global leader Semphonic, concludes, “This white paper provides a different perspective on trends in digital marketing which we are hopeful will result in new emphases in the area of enterprise measurement and digital big-data analytics. Across the globe there is a growing appreciation of the benefits of real-time personalisation as part of an organisation’s web analytics strategy. However, there is still some way to go before this thinking becomes mainstream.”

Angel concludes, “We are hoping that with the white paper, we can educate the market and accelerate the growth of an important new era in digital marketing. The joint launch of the white paper strengthens the message that the partnership between Celebrus and Semphonic is hugely significant in digital measurement and web analysis. We are excited by the partnership and know that the white paper will bring truly insightful value to those organisations that are looking to excel in digital marketing.”


About Semphonic

Semphonic is the world's largest independent Web analytics consultancy, with headquarters in San Francisco and offices in Boston, New York, Washington, DC and Portland, OR. Founded in 1997, the company has helped leading corporations, government agencies and non-profits achieve measurable improvement in the performance of their web channel. Clients include American Express, Charles Schwab, Genentech, the National Cancer Institute, Sears and Turner Broadcasting. Semphonic is also the driving force behind the premier web analytics conference, X Change.

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About Celebrus Technologies
Celebrus Technologies delivers complete, real-time data, on online individual visitors’ behaviour, environment and experience, and processes that in real-time to power Customer Data Hubs, and drive cross-channel behavioural targeting, real-time personalisation & interaction management. With its tag-free content push, it can also provide a personalisation overlay for existing web sites and apps too.
Celebrus Technologies captures and analyses interaction at the user interface from any mobile or laptop browser, including Flash/Flex components, video players and many apps.
Celebrus Technologies’ systems have come to define a new approach to the integration of online applications into an enterprise’s Information Architecture. The system’s User Interface Capture functionality provides a definitive, flexible and reusable source of customer, behavioural, process and performance data from any internet, intranet or extranet application.
Celebrus Technologies delivers its solutions directly and via a range of OEM, reseller and system integration partners around the world. Direct customers include AXA, Belron (Autoglass), directgov, Rank Interactive, P&O Ferries and ghd. Celebrus Technologies’ partners include the SAS Institute, IS Solutions PLC, Teradata Corporation, OnMarc, Oracle, MicroStrategy, Sybase and BIMA Consulting.

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