A digital marketing marriage made in heaven.

Published: Tuesday, 05 February 2013 07:00

Celebrus Technologies and Semphonic share the secrets to a successful marriage of two disciplines

Celebrus Technologies, provider of tag-free multi-channel digital big data software, and Semphonic, the digital measurement and data analytics consultancy, have come together to extol the virtues of marrying two distinct, but very complementary disciplines - digital analytics and database marketing. Combining the two has created a powerful new function that shall be known within the industry from here on as; digital database marketing. 

In a joint whitepaper, available for download here, Celebrus’ VP Marketing, Katharine Hulls, and Semphonic’s VP Digital Analytics, Europe, Matthias Bettag, articulate the considerable business value that is to be gained through the bringing together of something old and something new. By uniting traditional database marketing techniques and new digital analytics data, Hulls and Bettag explore how an organisation can use their online data more effectively to grow revenue, increase customer engagement, enhance brand loyalty and optimise marketing effectiveness.

Katharine Hulls, VP Marketing, Celebrus Technologies, comments, “Through using the two disciplines, techniques, data types and mind-sets to explore this new way of thinking, organisations can generate even more value from their analytics and marketing teams. This can help increase customer loyalty, improve new customer acquisition and enhance the customer experience for long-term growth and success. With the competitive pressures that all organisations are facing nowadays who is going to say ‘no thanks’ to that?”

The joint whitepaper highlights four examples of how to bring together these disciplines and feed a digital database marketing team with streams of highly granular online data. This marriage of digital analytics data and database marketing techniques can provide organisations with a deeper understanding of customer analytics and drive effective marketing actions - including one-to-one personalisation, lifecycle attribution modelling, predictive campaign optimisation and channel cost reduction.

Matthias Bettag, VP Digital Analytics, Europe, Semphonic, said, “Web analytics has evolved considerably since its beginning in the 1990s and has now officially matured to become ‘Digital Analytics’. By contrast, database marketing is a long-standing discipline with well-established methodologies to explore data and generate actionable insight from it. By developing an appreciation of database marketing, its techniques and value, and collaborating on projects and ideas, organisations can truly look to maximising the impact of both disciplines and then share the glory of achieving improved results.”

The joint whitepaper explains that digital analytics is no longer just about websites; it now includes the growing array of digital channels including mobile devices, apps and social media. This insight enables a company to understand customer trending and overall online behaviour, which is valuable to build better websites and increase conversion rates. It looks at the value database marketing brings and how that, until recently, it has been challenged by the lack of individual-level data required from today’s digital channels in order to get maximum value from the discipline’s well-proven tools and methodologies.

However, Hulls and Bettag go even further than this and explain how, as a result of individual-level digital channel data now being available, organisations can use digital database marketing to truly understand and interact with individual customers and transform the quality of their customer engagement.

To find out more about digital database marketing and how the two disciplines can live happily ever after, read the whitepaper by clicking here.


About Celebrus

Celebrus Technologies enables organisations to understand their individual customers’ interactions across the digital channels they own, including websites, mobile apps and social media.  Celebrus’ tag-free digital big data software then feeds this data into a wide variety of big data technologies in real-time. Celebrus' global blue chip clients use this highly granular data to power advanced customer analytics and real-time personalisation and to drive actions that maximise revenue, marketing effectiveness and brand loyalty.  Celebrus partners with world-leading technology companies, including SAS, Teradata and Microstrategy, to provide integrated solutions that meet critical business goals. Celebrus also has global reach with their fast and flexible digital data and real-time personalisation platforms available from resellers across the world.


Semphonic is a cutting-edge digital measurement and data analytics consulting firm providing clients with deep insight and strategy into their complex customer interaction challenges across the digital channel. Semphonic has deep roots in the analysis of large-scale databases, combining the power of segmentation, predictive modelling, and deep statistical analysis to help clients identify and execute high ROI, data-driven marketing campaigns. The entire Semphonic team provides unmatched thought leadership around complex digital data challenges faced by organisations. Semphonic is technology agnostic with strong expertise across platforms and applications including Adobe Omniture, Coremetrics, Google Analytics, Unica, Webtrends and Yahoo! Analytics, among others.

Semphonic has developed a comprehensive, end-to-end, service offering that addresses clients’ complex data analytics challenges from the bottom up. Semphonic's services and methodology are firmly rooted in the “Semphonic Way” with a focus on being repeatable and scalable. Semphonic's core capabilities span strategy through implementation, targeting the data infrastructure, reporting, analytics and segmentation needs of clients. Semphonic has also developed core expertise across emerging technology areas including data warehousing, social and mobile.

Semphonic was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area with offices in Boston, New York, Washington, DC, Portland, OR and Berlin, Germany. Semphonic is also the driving force behind the premier web analytics conference, X Change. For more information about Semphonic, please visit:

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