Celebrus Technologies Offers Enhanced Data Tool Kit to Drive Fully Contextualised Customer Engagement.

Published: Monday, 16 February 2015 09:00

Celebrus Technologies, providers of tagging-free digital big data software, today announces the launch of Celebrus Version 8 Big Data Engine Update 11. This latest offering from Celebrus Technologies gives enterprises more power, speed and flexibility to help them meet the needs of the ever demanding consumer who expects to receive fully contextualised communications at a truly 1:1 level.

The latest award-winning version from Celebrus Technologies gives marketers further cross channel insight, enabling them to drive ever more sophisticated offers and discounts in response to customers’ digital activities.

Product engagement
The individual customer profile data mart now includes recent product engagement in the form of views, adds to basket and purchases for both current in-session and previous activity. Understanding a customer’s past and present intent is vital to maximising engagement and predicting their future interests and can be used in numerous ways to better service their needs and increase customer lifetime value. For example, building unified cross-device profiles of individuals to avoid delivering competing offers across different devices, or sending out of stock emails to visitors when the product they previously put in their basket but didn’t purchase is back in stock.  

High-speed, out of the box data loaders
Available for Teradata, MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle and MS SQL Server, this new technology provides rapid loading of data into warehouses and document databases within 60 seconds through both on-premise and service deployment architectures.

Data loaders represent the next generation of high-speed, agile data loading for Celebrus real-time data, not only reducing total cost of ownership in terms of required hardware, but also further simplifying the loading process.  An out of the box warehouse schema, fully documented with Entity Relationship Diagram (ERD), Data Definition Language (DDL) and User Guide, can also be readily extended to describe business processes using Celebrus’ data shaping technology, enabling the user to define exactly how they want the output data to best meet their needs.

Extending Celebrus’ direct loading capabilities beyond relational databases into the document databases provides further integration opportunities, increased flexibility, and simplified understanding of contextualized data sources.

Vijay Vijayasankar, VP & GM, Global Channels and Global Services MongoDB said: “Celebrus’ ability to quickly deliver interaction data into MongoDB, combined with the speed and customizability of our document-centric approach, enables the creation of a near real-time, single customer view across channels such as email and call centres. The solution also delivers that view in a form marketers and analysts can understand and use without becoming experts in entity relationships and other complications of traditional database design. The data becomes more business organized rather than physical layout organized.  That’s the type of clarity today’s data consumers are demanding and we can now bring to them.”

Celebrus is now certified on MongoDB Enterprise version 2.6.

Celebrus extends its data capture capability to support PhoneGap, the popular open source framework that enables the creation of mobile apps using standardised web APIs across multiple mobile platforms. This considerably reduces the effort required by brands to build mobile apps and makes it very easy for them to collect Celebrus data from this increasingly important channel.

Katharine Hulls. VP Marketing, Celebrus Technologies comments, “As well as a continued focus on helping marketers power multi-channel 1:1 data-driven marketing and customer analytics, this latest version of our V8 Big Data Engine delivers increased data richness, delivery flexibility and speed, reinforcing Celebrus as the powerhouse for brands to deliver fully contextualised 1:1 marketing .”

About Celebrus Technologies
Celebrus Technologies (, an IS Solutions company, enables organisations to understand their individual customers' interactions across their digital channels including websites, mobile apps and social media. Celebrus' award winning tagging-free digital big data software feeds this data into a wide variety of big data technologies in real-time.

Celebrus partners with world-leading technology companies to provide integrated solutions that meet critical business goals. Global blue chip clients these solutions to power customer analytics, digital intelligence and real-time personalisation and drive actions that maximise revenue, marketing effectiveness and brand loyalty.

Celebrus has worked with IS Solutions Plc since 2000 and was acquired by the AIM-listed full-service IT provider in 2015.  IS Solutions specialises in analytics and reporting, enterprise content management, web design and development and secure managed services.  IS Solutions is security certified in ISO27001 and PCI DSS and has many long-term client relationships with both multinational enterprises and public sector bodies.


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