Celebrus Technologies launches the Celebrus v8 Big Data Engine to accelerate data-driven marketing.

Published: Tuesday, 29 October 2013 17:05

Celebrus Technologies has developed the Celebrus v8 Big Data Engine to stream real-time, contextualised and actionable behavioural data from websites, social media and mobile apps directly into a wide array of technologies to power customer analytics and one-to-one data-driven marketing. The tagging-free nature of Celebrus means that deployment is fast and easy, with all data being captured and delivered without the need for ETL development. Moreover, due to the ease and speed of adding business context to the raw data, the context-aware v8 Big Data Engine can eliminate the need for post-processing, thereby accelerating accessibility and usability of data for streaming analytics and real-time marketing.

Katharine Hulls, VP Marketing Celebrus Technologies comments, “The Celebrus v8 Big Data Engine provides organisations with extremely high quality and detailed individual-level data, which is immediately contextualised with business meaning. This ensures that marketers can drive true real-time one-to-one personalisation, widely viewed as the Holy Grail for brands. The flexible nature of v8 means the data can be fed into a multitude of complementary technologies in parallel, including real-time decisioning systems, data discovery tools and data warehouses. Celebrus’ v8 Big Data Engine is a truly powerful tool allowing the organisations to really ‘rev up’ their marketing activities.”

The Celebrus v8 engine can be configured quickly and easily to identify behaviours, or sequences of behaviours, which are of particular business value to an organisation - for example shopping cart interactions or potential defection behaviours. These scenarios enable the organisation to identify specific customer activities on its digital channels and respond to them immediately to enhance the customer experience and improve brand loyalty.

Bill Bruno, CEO for Stratigent LLC, comments, “The launch of the Celebrus v8 Big Data Engine brings to the market a unique technology that will allow organisations to have the increased speed and agility they need to drive advanced customer insight, engagement and digital experience enhancements. v8 will enable users to gain complete, individual level, customer data, while sitting on the organisations own infrastructure ensuring security and privacy with a tagging-free deployment.”

Tim Simmons, Retail Industry Marketing Vice President, Teradata, comments, “Celebrus’ v8 Big Data Engine brings immense value to joint Celebrus and Teradata propositions. The new advancements in speed, the flexibility and the contextualisation of data will really drive real-time website personalisation, as well as real advancements to big data analytics and data warehousing. It truly is an innovative product and we look forward to seeing the benefits it can add to businesses.”

Hulls concludes, “The Celebrus v8 Big Data Engine brings businesses valuable customer insight, coupled with the power to drive individual, one-to-one campaigns and real-time personalisation. We are confident that the power, speed and flexibility of v8 will deliver critical business benefits to our clients. This, combined with the fact that Celebrus can feed a number of marketing and analytics solutions in parallel from the same source of data, gives organisations a single and complete version of the truth on which to base both their big data analytics and data-driven marketing - a ground-breaking, business transformational solution indeed.”


About Celebrus Technologies

Celebrus Technologies ( enables organisations to understand individual customer’s interactions with their digital channels to power one-to-one data-driven marketing, real-time personalisation and advanced customer analytics. Celebrus' tagging-free digital big data software collects data about individuals’ behaviours across a brand’s websites, mobile apps, social & streaming media and automatically applies business context. It then feeds this streaming, contextualised data into a wide variety of big data technologies in parallel, in real-time or near real-time. Global blue-chip clients use Celebrus’ award winning technology to drive analytics and actions that maximize revenue, marketing effectiveness and brand loyalty.  Celebrus partners with world-leading technology companies to provide integrated solutions that meet critical business goals and has global reach via resellers across the world.

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