Celebrus Technologies announces new digital big data feed.

Published: Tuesday, 23 October 2012 12:00

Celebrus Technologies expands partnership with Teradata to provide the ultimate in digital big analytics with Teradata Aster.

Celebrus captures highly granular and complete data including each click, keystroke, key value, text change, mouse-over, scroll and object in the page. The  tag-free and configuration-free nature of the software means that organisations can be up and running on their new big data platform very quickly. The Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform delivers a powerful solution for storing, processing, and building big analytics. It puts data science in the hands of business users without requiring specialised new skills and without the complexity of traditional alternatives. Teradata Aster makes MapReduce accessible to every enterprise by coupling MapReduce with standard SQL to deliver analytics through the patented Aster SQL-MapReduce® framework that embeds MapReduce analytic processing with data stores for analytics on multi-structured data sources and types to deliver new analytic capabilities with breakthrough performance and scalability.

Organisations that incorporate digital data into their big data architecture have the increased capacity to drive real-time marketing and personalisation; access detailed single customer views; increase their customer intelligence and analytics; streamline their multi-channel communications; accurately allocate marketing spend; build marketing attribution models; and optimise their cross-channel sales opportunities.

Katharine Hulls, VP Marketing at Celebrus Technologies comments, “The drive to extract real and actionable business insight from big data is accelerating.   As organisations increasingly look to collate multiple sources of data within highly functional analytical platforms such as Teradata Aster MapReduce, we are staying at the forefront by expanding our data delivery choices to fulfil the needs of this emerging market sector. The Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform is optimised specifically for big data analytics, which complements the highly granular nature of our individual-level online customer intelligence data collection and delivery perfectly.”

Tasso Argyros, Co-President, Teradata Aster comments, “Organisations are struggling with managing customer interactions across digital marketing channels, and integrated marketing channel analyses are critical in successfully managing customer interactions. Celebrus enables the integration of detailed, multi-channel digital interaction data into Teradata Aster’s discovery platform so organisations can better understand their customer behaviour and improve customer interactions.”

Gary Angel, President of digital measurement and data analytics consultancy Semphonic comments, “For businesses serious about online, the shift to big data platforms to support digital marketing is a foregone conclusion. But the challenges on both the data collection and analysis fronts are daunting. This pairing of Celebrus’ highly robust and easy to implement big data collection infrastructure with Teradata Aster’s powerful analytics engine with rich SQL support, dramatically reduces the time-to-value and the need for specialised and very hard to find technical resources when building a digital warehousing solution.”


About Celebrus Technologies

Celebrus Technologies' tag-free digital big data software feeds individual-level data from websites, mobile apps and social media into a wide variety of big data technologies in real-time.  Celebrus' global blue chip clients use this highly granular data to power advanced customer analytics and real-time personalisation and to drive actions that maximise revenue, marketing effectiveness and brand loyalty.  Celebrus partners with world-leading technology companies, including SAS, Teradata and Microstrategy, to provide integrated solutions that meet critical business goals.  Celebrus also has global reach with their fast and flexible digital data and real-time personalisation platforms available from resellers across the world as well as direct clients including AXA, Hiscox, Belron (Autoglass), ghd, P&O Ferries and directgov.

About Teradata Aster

The Teradata Aster MapReduce Platform is the market-leading big data analytics solution. This analytic platform embeds MapReduce analytic processing for deeper insights on new data sources and multi-structured data types to deliver analytic capabilities with breakthrough performance and scalability. Teradata’s solution utilizes Aster’s patented SQL-MapReduce to parallelize the processing of data and applications and deliver rich analytic insights at scale. For more information, visit or for more about Teradata, visit

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