Celebrus Technologies and Teradata bring real-time decisioning and personalisation to organisations.

Published: Monday, 15 April 2013 07:00

Celebrus Technologies, provider of tag-free multi-channel digital big data software, today announces further deepening of its partnership with Teradata (NYSE: TDC) through its new ability to feed individual-level digital channel data directly into Teradata Real-Time Interaction Manager (RTIM).  The real-time, highly granular nature of this data provides RTIM with the information marketers use to make real-time online marketing and advertising decisions. 

Celebrus’ unique software already feeds individual-level behavioural data from multiple online channels, including websites, social media and mobile apps, directly into Teradata’s Integrated Channel Intelligence solution and the Teradata Aster MapReduce platform in near real-time. The addition of this new streaming digital big data feed into RTIM complements the already tightly-knit suite of propositions provided through this partnership, bringing Teradata clients even greater flexibility in how the ground-breaking digital marketing solutions are used.

Organisations are becoming increasingly aware that ‘one size does not fit all’ when it comes to targeting customers. In addition, when the complexity of the customer journey and customer interactions with the brand across multiple channels and devices is examined, the ability to decide what really is the next best product or offer becomes extremely complex. Organisations therefore need to think beyond collaborative browsing or algorithmically-driven technologies if they are to truly engage customers by delivering the most effective offers, products and messages possible. 

Celebrus captures highly granular data of online customer journeys and then delivers this detailed information as a real-time stream of individual-level data in RTIM, which then makes the best decision as to the next phase of customer interaction. Celebrus feeds RTIM with data on both customer interactions during the current website visit and previous website visits. The chosen action which RTIM decides is best to display is then fed-back to Celebrus in real-time to be inserted into the website using its own Real-Time Suite or alternatively it is fed into a CMS for delivery of the content into the website.

RTIM is the next-generation inbound marketing solution that analyses customer interactions in real-time to deliver the message to the customer that drives the most business value.  RTIM leverages all the rich data that is available and marries that with the digital data that Celebrus captures in order to make the decision based upon the most complete customer interaction profile. RTIM enables intelligent communications with customers whenever and wherever they encounter you regardless of channel. These more timely and relevant offers result in higher response and conversion rates - meaning higher ROI.

Katharine Hulls, VP Marketing at Celebrus Technologies comments, "Feeding our real-time, individual-level data into the RTIM complex decisioning engine enables organisations to make the best possible decisions about which messages, products or offers to deliver to their clients in order to enhance the customer experience and ultimately increase engagement, loyalty and revenue.  As well as having the most complete and accurate data available in real-time, the Celebrus data stream also enables RTIM to take into account interactions across multiple channels and devices so that a full view of the customer is obtained upon which to make decisions."


About Celebrus

Celebrus Technologies enables organisations to understand their individual customers’ interactions across the digital channels they own, including websites, mobile apps and social media.  Celebrus’ award winning tag-free digital big data software then feeds this data into a wide variety of big data technologies in real-time. Celebrus' global blue chip clients use this highly granular data to power advanced customer analytics and real-time personalisation and to drive actions that maximise revenue, marketing effectiveness and brand loyalty.  Celebrus partners with world-leading technology companies, including SAS, Teradata and Microstrategy, to provide integrated solutions that meet critical business goals. Celebrus also has global reach with their fast and flexible digital data and real-time personalisation platforms available from resellers across the world.

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