Celebrus and Teradata unveil Handbook to guide organisations in making most of data

Published: Sunday, 18 October 2015 14.00

Analytics Handbook to be unveiled at Teradata 2015 PARTNERS, the world’s premier data conference.

Celebrus Technologies, the provider of tagging-free digital big data software and Teradata Corp. (NYSE: TDC), the big data analytics and marketing applications company today announces ‘The Digital Analytics Handbook – Crawl, Walk and Run your Way to Maximum Value from Data’ will be released at Teradata 2015 PARTNERS, the world’s premier data conference.

Many companies feel that there is much that their data are not telling them.  This is why more marketers today (87%) than in 2013 (46%) consider data their most underutilised asset . In reality, armed with the data and digital analytics available today, companies can drill down deeper than before in areas such as digital marketing effectiveness, customer experience, and business efficiency.

This Handbook is a guide for businesses who are just beginning their analytics journey.  It provides ideas on how to get started through use case scenarios from companies that have already implemented them. The ideas and techniques described throughout the Handbook have been graded from beginner to expert levels.

Professor Tom Davenport, American academic and author specialising in analytics, business process innovation and knowledge management, has written the foreword to the handbook.

McKinsey estimates that global marketing spend has been rising faster than the top line for several decades and now exceeds US$1 trillion.  However, they estimate that up to one-fifth of that annual marketing spend could be re-focused with little or no impact to return on investment, if companies deployed more effective marketing analytics .  

Ruth Gordon, Director Digital Marketing, Teradata International comments,  “Big data analytics can and is transforming marketing effectiveness, the customer experience and business efficiencies through providing a much more detailed and accurate picture of customer behaviour. Moreover, it is by giving employees at the operational level access to query the data whenever they need it, that companies can truly benefit. Companies that are not yet using big data and analytics to generate real value for their customers and businesses today can be inspired by the examples in this handbook.”

Katharine Hulls, VP Marketing, Celebrus Technologies, continues, “Organisations understand that they need detailed data to power analytics, however, the move to use this data to power analytics can seem daunting. Celebrus Technologies and Teradata have created the playbook to give examples of how customers across various industries have used data to get value from analytics regardless of maturity. From the basic techniques to a more experienced approach, the message for marketers is don’t be afraid to start somewhere – the advice is there to help you.”

Hulls concludes, “We are delighted to sponsor PARTNERS again. This Handbook ties in with the theme of this year’s event - “Breaking Big,” as it provides advice, insight and intelligence into using big data and analytics to move forward with data-driven marketing.”

To download the handbook from Teradata and Celebrus Technologies, click here:

To find out more about Teradata 2015 PARTNERS, click here.


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